Booth lighting design method

The booth can use the expressive power of lighting to perform certain artistic processing on the exhibition space, so that the audience can have a convenient viewing environment when participating in the exhibition. In the design, there are three main ways of lighting for exhibitions: accent lighting, local area lighting and uniform lighting.

The key of booth lighting can produce various focus points and rhythmic display effects of light and dark, which can relieve the monotony of ordinary basic lighting, or can highlight the main part of the exhibition exhibits and special or emphasize a certain display of artwork. effect. Accent lighting is what must be considered and conceived in lighting design. It is like the protagonist in the play.

Local area lighting or accent lighting is to illuminate a certain area of ​​the space in order to meet the brightness requirements of a certain environment. Its characteristic is that the light source should be placed near the exhibits, so the efficiency will be higher. Generally speaking, local area lighting uses direct luminous bodies, which are adjustable in brightness and orientation.

Uniform lighting is to illuminate the space in a uniform way, and its dispersion can effectively reduce the contrast between the lighting on the work surface and the surface lighting of the indoor environment. Uniform lighting can also be used to weaken shadows and make the corners of the wall softer and stretched. The characteristic of uniform lighting is that the lamps are hung higher in the design.

Although most indoor exhibitions use uniform lighting, it is necessary to make good use of the three lighting methods to give the audience a convenient and warm viewing environment.


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