the emergency plan of large-scale exhibition planning?

No matter how detailed your large-scale exhibition planning plan is, there will always be some unforeseen events. Therefore, when making a large-scale exhibition planning plan, it should include emergency plans for some emergencies. In the early stage of exhibition planning, corresponding emergency plans should be made to support the smooth progress of the whole large-scale exhibition activities.

Your emergency plan should include the following points:

1. As for the budget, we should be prepared to exceed the budget.

2. How to manage field personnel? Solve the accident or accident of on-site personnel.

3. Whether there are site alternatives and facility alternatives

4. Is there any data record of important projects or events in the planning scheme of large-scale exhibitions

5. How to react if the effect of this large exhibition is not as good as expected?

6. How to solve the problem of on-site equipment damage or on-site power failure?

7. Is there a good evacuation plan in case of fire or other disasters on site?

The emergency plan is prepared for the unexpected time that may occur. For this, when making this large-scale exhibition planning plan, we need to anticipate all the worst situations and events that may occur. At the same time, we also need to take the best solution when uncontrollable events occur.

Only exhibitors and exhibitors work together, cooperate closely, and do their respective work well in order to give full play to the functions of the exhibition and achieve a win-win result. Therefore, it is recommended to find ways to take measures to further strengthen mutual contact and effective cooperation. The development and improvement of the exhibition industry requires the close coordination, guidance and support of the government, and the industry’s standard and self-discipline. Therefore, it is necessary to actively promote the government to formulate measures, industry standards and self-discipline, guide reasonable competition, and ensure its rapid and healthy development.

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