How can exhibitors improve the communication effect ?

Participating in the exhibition is the routine work of the marketing department of many companies. When participating in the exhibition, we usually consider the booth area, location, booth design and construction, exhibition content, on-site drainage activities and some cooperative media manuscripts.In fact, there are more resources that can help marketing personnel improve the communication effect and obtain sales leads. These resources often need to be actively sought and can be obtained free of charge or at polar cost. Some experienced marketing personnel of Party A will actively communicate with the organizer in the early stage of the exhibition, to achieve a very good exhibition communication effect.

1、understand the internal project team structure of the sponsor, to know which work relates to which post personnel

The project team structure of the exhibition company is similar, including project manager, sales, marketing, design, audience invitation and other core functions. Operation and it are usually the logistics departments shared by the sponsor. The project manager is responsible for the whole project. The sales and exhibitors are mainly responsible for the connection of exhibitions, forum tickets, on-site advertising, and sponsorship. The market is responsible for the exhibition publicity content and materials, the invitation of forum speakers (some organizers will set up a separate conference department with conference planning posts), media cooperation and promotion, exhibition database management and EDM content production and release, as well as assisting the project manager to cooperate with some important industry associations Academic institutions, etc. After being clear about these divisions of labor, the personnel of the marketing department of exhibitors will be clearer. In addition to the sales connection with the organizer, they can also communicate with the project manager or the marketing department.

2、Understand the media matrix, content topics, and content distribution frequency of the exhibition organizers. This is very important for exhibitors. Basically, a mature host or exhibition brand will have a mature media matrix

2.1 own media

For mature organizers or exhibition brands, the amount of industry databases is very large, usually 100000 +, and the data accuracy is very high, so the arrival rate is very high. The second is WeChat group or WeChat official account. Therefore, the private media of these two organizers, as exhibitors, can actively strive for participation, to obtain the opportunity of brand exposure.

2.2 cooperative media

The cooperation between the organizer and the industry media is very close. For example, cooperative publishing, on-site and post exhibition reporting. As an exhibitor, you can strive with the organizer to mention the name of the exhibitor in the industry media manuscripts, and even bring a word or two of the exhibitor’s industry opinions.

2.3 paid media

In fact, some sponsors will pay mainstream media, online media, and other press releases, and will also publish through news agencies, such as PR newswires. In these manuscripts, the exhibition information is usually mentioned, and exhibitors can strive for the organizer to mention the name.

As for content selection and content distribution frequency, it is a further thing to do after determining the media matrix. Content selection is one of the routine works in the marketing department of the sponsor. For example, the logistics exhibition may mention smart logistics, and the main information of the exhibitor’s brand just happens to be smart logistics or related information, so you can take the initiative to communicate with the organizer and combine your views with the topic selection of the organizer. For another example, the organizer will plan to promote a wave of exhibitors, and at this time, it can actively request to promote the core information of its own company. These can be obtained for free.

The distribution frequency refers to how many times a week the sponsor’s own media is sent, when it is sent, and when the cooperative media and paid media are sent, and in which section. This will bring value to the brand communication of exhibitors. The closer to the time of the exhibition, the higher the attention of the industry and the higher the reading volume. The larger the well-known exhibition, the more so.

3、 To study the forum structure and topic direction of the sponsor, you can participate in the topic and even co-host a special forum through the characteristics of relevance. In addition to conforming to the public relations strategy, large companies can participate, in fact, small and medium-sized companies can also participate


Participating in the Forum on site is a very good communication effect opportunity, and even brings customers directly. The forum is basically the content of every exhibition, and the organizer’s market or conference planners usually face the pressure of topic planning and guest invitation. At this time, exhibitors can combine the forum direction and topic structure of the organizer with their own communication points, and then they can start to discuss with the organizer which topics they can participate in and even which special sessions they can host. In fact, exhibition organizers can usually provide free venues or conference room venues with relatively low prices, as well as media promotion, guest invitation, audience invitation and even on-site construction services, which is relatively more efficient and effective than many exhibitors holding forums themselves.

Therefore, as an exhibitor, participating in an exhibition not only needs to consider the booth, exhibits, design, and construction, as well as on-site activities, but also can bring greater communication effect value to the company through these methods.

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