Four layout methods of exhibition design

In the exhibition, the layout methods of the booth is particularly important. A good layout can better display products and enhance the exhibition experience of the audience. There are four commonly used layout methods in the exhibition design

1、Scene layout method in exhibition design

More commonly used in exhibitions of home appliances. This method is to combine certain consumer demand and related production activities, labor space, living scenes, learning space and natural environment, etc., to appropriately combine the exhibits in a specific exhibition space environment and make it a role.

It is the characteristics of this kind of exhibition to display the product through the appropriate scene, fully display its use situation, and show its appearance and functional characteristics. Moreover, because the scene displays scenes easily arouse the intimacy and association of consumers and stimulate their desire to buy.

2、Target placement method in exhibition design

Place the exhibition content or key exhibits that need to be prominent in the center of the booth or layout space, and place other exhibits by category on the showcases or shelves around the main exhibits. In order to form a harmonious and unified exhibition environment with clear priorities, the audience can see the prominent main exhibits as soon as the meeting progresses. The expression of the theme of the exhibition has a prominent and distinctive effect. The lighting effect and the coordination of sound and light can be used. Corresponding advertising layouts are provided on the walls and columns.

3、Open layout method in exhibition design

Often used in automotive exhibitions. This kind of exhibition design has high timeliness and mobility of the display function. In the exhibition, customers, visitors and exhibits are in direct contact, and visitors participate in demonstrations, operations and other personal experience exhibition activities, and their observation, communication, sales and purchases, etc. The activities were carried out in a lively, harmonious, cordial and free atmosphere.

4、 close-up layout method

Suitable for exhibitions of small technology products, small handicrafts and cosmetics. It is based on the requirements of the design purpose of the exhibition, magnifying key exhibits and small exhibits into models with several times or advertising photographs enlarged several times, forming an impactful spatial visual effect.

Four layout methods of exhibition design

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