Good booth design requires subtraction

In the exhibition, good booth design requires subtraction, the booth is the first impression that the company presents to the outside world, and its importance is self-evident. Therefore, some people do not hesitate to pack the booth at a large amount of money, while others sneer at this behavior. So, how to correctly grasp the scale and use the booth to express the corporate image and the connotation of the exhibits in an economical way?

You might get more by doing subtraction.

Subtract color

Like business dress, the main color of the booth should also be controlled within three colors, the main color is prominent, and the matching is reasonable, so that it will not appear messy, and will not make people feel monotonous. On the contrary, some exhibitors who want to show “variety” often backfire, not only failing to attract visitors to the progress zone, but they are also likely to scare away customers at first sight.

Minus information

Some companies are pursuing the “cover effect” in the exhibition and putting out their information with great effort. This approach seems to take advantage but suffers a lot. The appearance of the booth is the same as the cover of the book. Although the information is the most intuitive, the content should not be cumbersome. If the content is too much, it will not only affect the appearance, but also cause a decline in grade and visual fatigue. For visitors and those who are interested in negotiating, a small part of the core information is enough to attract them to enter the booth and take the initiative to consult. Why should the appearance be overwhelming? A good booth, the exterior is used to attract and guide, and the interior can really retain people.

Minus time

Nowadays, the cost of booth construction is getting higher and higher, and exhibitors are paying more and more economic and time costs for this. Then, we need to broaden our horizons and use new materials and technologies skillfully. For example, the current popular system components have strong plasticity and reasonable prices, which saves a lot of construction time while effectively reducing costs. At the same time, the tools needed for transportation, erection or dismantling are very simple. If you find suitable system components, you can squeeze some time in the booth design.

Minus surrounding

At the end of each exhibition, a considerable amount of waste, handbags, wrapping paper, materials…In fact, this phenomenon can be alleviated through booth design, which not only saves expenses, but also contributes to environmental protection. So, Good booth design requires subtraction.To put it simply, a reasonable exchange area and a novel display area can achieve the promotional effect of these surrounding materials. Expressing the main points of the promotion in design language, allowing visitors to take away a photo, a website, and follow a WeChat may be more effective than sending out a handbag or folder.

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