How should a small booth be designed?

When participating in large-scale exhibitions, some exhibitors will be allocated a smaller display space. Coupled with the lack of daylight or lighting, it makes booth planning very difficult. This requires special booth planners to find ways to change the disadvantages and elements, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the entire exhibition event. How to use the existing disadvantages to get a better display effect? First of all, planners should be like architects, with the skills of planning, arranging and controlling space to make small booths “big”. The following methods can be used in detail:

1. To make the special booth “bright”: light box structure can be selected, K8 system (octagonal prism display rack) or three-way plug-in frame structure, inlaid with white plexiglass, and direct tube fluorescent lamp inside, can be used the booth is light and bright, and the booth image is prominent, which can attract the attention of the audience.

2. The exhibition hall environment can choose the method of combining all photos and some photos: If the exhibition hall is relatively short, you can design and install groups of grille lights in the ceiling exhibition, arranged in rows or grids. Or use slot lighting to illuminate the ceiling. Straight tube fluorescent lamps can also be used to make large-area luminous ceilings. Advanced “Electroluminescence” lighting technology can be used to light up the ceiling, walls and ground of the entire venue. In addition, straight tube fluorescent lights or neon lights are also installed on the back and bottom of the wall showcase and the lower part of the booth. In this way, the booth will feel wider and huge, changing the original sense of depression and boredom.

3. The space interface and display channel should choose white or light color: white and light color are used for the surface of the wall shed or the surface of the space, which will increase the spaciousness of the space. The use of deep and heavy colors will make people feel that the space is small, and the mood is depressed.

4. Choose small standards in booth modeling planning: In a small display space, the booth shape and display props must not be made too large but should be in harmony with the standard of the display space. The selection of standards should be based on the above-mentioned standards, and the audience should feel warm and hearty.

5. Reduce the number of display props: The exhibition hall must be small, the display density of exhibits must be small and small, and the passageway must be large to ensure the personal safety of the audience and make the exhibition hall appear wide.

6. The appearance of the exhibits should be concise and comprehensive: whether it is the image of the booth or the appearance of the exhibits and other props, it should be as “integrated” and “simplified” as possible, and it must be clear and concise., Generous, let people feel happy after watching. This is particularly important.

How should a small booth be designed?

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