Factors to pay attention to in the exhibition

When selecting an exhibition, enterprises should consider the following factors in combination with the purpose of the exhibition:

1. Nature of the exhibition.

Each exhibition has a different nature. In developed countries, there are distinct boundaries between exhibitions of different nature. However, in developing countries, due to the restrictions of the economic environment and the level of the exhibition industry, it is often difficult to have an accurate division. Exhibitors should choose carefully according to their own needs.

2. Popularity.

With the development of the modern exhibition industry, the exhibitions of each industry have formed their own “leader” and become an indispensable place for buyers. The higher the popularity of the exhibition, the more exhibitors, and buyers it will attract, and the greater the possibility of transaction. If you participate in a new exhibition, it depends on who the organizer is and how the appeal in the industry is. Famous exhibitions often charge high fees. To save costs, you can rent booths with others. Even so, the effect will be better than that of participating in those unknown small exhibitions.

3. Exhibition contents.

One of the major characteristics of modern exhibition industry is the increasing specialization. Exhibitions with the same theme can be subdivided into many small professional exhibitions. The specific contents of exhibitions in the same industry may be quite different. Exhibitors must understand clearly in advance to avoid “going astray”.

4. Time.

Any product has its own life cycle. Namely, the five stages of newborn, development, maturity, saturation, and decline. There is a certain law between exhibition efficiency and product cycle. For ordinary products, in the new and developing stage, the exhibition has twice the result with half the effort; In the mature and saturated stage, the effect of exhibition may be twice the effort; In the recession stage, exhibitions often fail.

5. Location.

The ultimate purpose of participating in the exhibition is to promote products to the region. Therefore, it is necessary to study whether the host and surrounding radiation areas of the exhibition have their own target markets and potential purchasing power. If necessary, conduct a market survey first.

Factors to pay attention to in the exhibition

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