What is the practical significance of booth image in exhibition design?

The exhibition is a new marketing and promotion operation mode caused by the continuous development of high-tech technology and more encouraging market demand. Its creation has brought many emerging industries and new enterprises, bringing many opportunities and new development trends. In particular, some export-oriented foreign trade companies regard the exhibition as the key source for the company to develop new business processes. So, what is the practical significance of showing the image of the booth in the exhibition design?

The actual meaning of the booth image must not lose the pertinence of the exhibition and exhibition, follow the key points of each design, follow the consistent pertinence standards of the exhibition and exhibition, and also solve the problem of exhibiting companies and designers, exhibition and plastic arts, trade, and its exhibition design and part of the exhibition work related to produce a harmonious and unified exhibition image.

The image of the booth should maintain the required design expression. That will make the corporate booth more attractive. It is a refreshing and unforgettable impression. In addition, it should accurately reflect the corporate image, convey the intention of the exhibiting company, and attract a large number of visitors to enter the corporate booth to master the exhibition booth. Not only a corporate display is also a plastic art display!

The image of the booth should also have a certain degree of versatility. The opening to the outside world must be conducive to the promotion of products, publicity planning, investigation, communication, negotiation, etc. of the booth. There must also be a certain indoor space to show the effective corporate office of the corporate staff. In addition, there must be certain functions to make the exhibits more “beautiful” and “powerful” standards.

In the end, special attention must be paid to the image of the booth, which must comply with certain rationality and coordination capabilities. The reflection of the image of the exhibition is the image of the company. Violation of scientific research and dexterity standards will also greatly affect the image of the company.

What is the practical significance of booth image in exhibition design?

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