【DE】GET Nord: Clever meets Smart for more energy efficiency in the building sector  

The building sector has a significant impact on the German climate balance. In 2018, CO2 emissions in this area amounted to around 120 million tons. The emission of greenhouse gases from the production of building materials or the production of electricity and district heating for building use is not yet taken into account. So an area where immense savings potential lies dormant – not only in times of climate crisis and energy shortages. At the GET Nord trade fair from the 17th to the 19th November 2022, architects, planners and craftsmen will receive important orientation for improving energy efficiency in buildings as well as valuable impulses for the conception of sustainable new buildings and the energetic modernization of existing buildings.



Photo: Hamburg Messe + Congress




Save energy intelligently with building automation

The amount of climate-damaging greenhouse gases that must be reduced by 2030 in order to achieve the German climate targets is enormous: Compared to 2018, CO2 emissions in the building sector are expected to fall by 40 percent to 72 million tons annually. Digital building technologies and innovative lighting solutions are crucial for this – in addition to structural measures such as thermal insulation. According to a study by the digital association Bitkom, up to 14.7 million tons of CO2 can be saved in the short to medium term through the use of building automation. This corresponds to more than 30 percent of the reduction target for the building sector formulated in the Climate Protection Act.


E-House shows practical solutions

The solutions for energy consumption optimization are diverse. An important point of contact for trade visitors of GET Nord is the 100 square meter e-house of the Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Crafts (ZVEH). Here, architects, specialist planners and craft businesses can not only find out about the potential of digital building technologies, solutions for self-generated renewable energies in existing buildings and new buildings are also presented. In addition, the focus is on photovoltaic and small wind turbines as well as the combined use of heat pump and fuel cell. Visitors will receive information about applications for cross-vendor energy management and the intelligent connection of the in-house energy system to the charging station for an electric vehicle. The link between energy management with artificial intelligence is also discussed. In addition, the focus is on the application possibilities of electricity storage systems and infrared heaters.


LED lighting systems for office and industry   

Another highlight of the trade fair in Hamburg is sustainable lighting solutions. In office buildings, shopping centers and factory halls, lighting accounts for almost a fifth of energy consumption. With LED and energy-saving lamps, consumption can be reduced by up to 90 percent – and this with a lifespan up to 25 times longer than conventional incandescent lamps. Intelligent light management also contributes to reducing energy consumption: daylight sensors enable energy savings of up to 26 percent, presence detectors of five percent. Especially in offices, educational institutions and health facilities, users very often forget to turn off the lights again. A presence reporter does not forget it,” says Bernd Rossow, authorized signatory and head of the ESYLUX Germany project team. For example, the company presents its new presence and motion detector of the BASIC series with protection class IP54, which allows the entry into intelligent lighting control even in places with more adverse environmental influences. BRUMBERG Leuchten presents, among other things, its BIRO CIRCLE pendant ring lights, which ensure the right lighting mood on an office space of Frankfurt Airport. “LED luminaires meet the highest climate protection requirements and are the best alternative to other lamps, especially for lighting in the private, office and industrial sectors with high operating hours,” says Frank Lamontagne, Sales Manager at BRUMBERG Leuchten.


Networked and resource-saving at the same time   

Signify (formerly Philips Lightning) shows with its IoT-based lighting solution “Interact” how energy can be efficiently controlled with the help of networked data. In addition, the world market leader presents individually designed lamps using the 3D printing process, which are 100 percent recycled polycarbonate, as well as suitable alternatives for the ban on halogen pen base lamps in force under the EU Ecodesign Directive from September 2023. The trade fair appearance of the lighting manufacturer PRACHT, which demonstrates, among other things, its resource-saving lighting innovation KATLA ONE, which has a patented sled technology, is made entirely of recycled plastic and is eligible for funding for efficient buildings (BEG) according to the federal funding. The focus is also on the easy-to-install Alpha wall boxes for charging electric vehicles as well as a newly developed video chat program that supports installers in the assembly of PRACHT products.


Coveted light prize is awarded

The range of innovative lighting options for indoor and outdoor use can be experienced by the light prize awarded every two years at GET Nord. The coveted trophy offers electricians from northern Germany the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the industry. The NFE Norddeutscher Fachverband Elektro- und Informationstechnik, based in Hamburg, is responsible for the competition. The evaluation of the submitted lighting projects is carried out by a jury of specialist planners, architects, specialist journalists and industry experts. In addition to the performance of the electrical trade, the focus is on implementation, lighting requirements, energy efficiency, design aspects and project management. The award ceremony will take place at this year’s GET Nord as part of an industry meeting at the joint stand of the state guild associations of the electrical trades Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.


About GET Nord

GET Nord is the only joint trade fair for electrical, sanitary, heating and air conditioning in Germany and the leading building technology trade fair in the north. It takes place every two years on the grounds of the Hamburg Messe und Congress and networks the various trades of building technology with architects, planners, wholesalers and industry with its groundbreaking trade fair concept. Almost 600 companies present their latest products and innovative solutions on the topics of energy efficiency, renewable energies, energy management, building equipment and building system technology. This makes the GET Nord platform and the driving force for future-oriented building technologies and solutions for climate protection at home. It will take place from the 17th to the 19th. November 2022 in Hamburg.






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