【PL】A commemorative bell for the 30th anniversary of Targi Kielce

HÜTTENES-ALBERTUS Polska LLC marks the 30th anniversary of Targi Kielce’s. To mark the occasion, the firm prepared a unique bell. The company boasts 25 years of experience in the foundry industry. Now it has sponsored this extraordinary commemorative


bronze cast measures – 25.5 cm and weighs 7.8 kg. The bell, set on a special 180 cm high pedestal includes an element of the jubilee scenery of the 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition.


HA Group   – a family business with a long tradition and a global reach also enjoys a strong international network of around 1,800 committed employees in more than 30 countries.


Hüttenes-Albertus Polska is a daughter company of s Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH – a world-famous German concern producing chemical materials for the foundry industry.


The company in Poland, apart from selling a wide range of chemical products for foundries, i.e. resins, protective coatings, separators for all types of technologies, pastes and adhesives for repairing moulds and cores, exothermic cladding as well as metallurgical and refractory materials, also produces and sells:


coated sands

foundry cores in the cold-box and hot-box technology


Photo: targikielce.pl



Targi Kielce’s history


Targi Kielce, the company initially named Kielce Trade Fairs  was founded in 1992.  It was a joint endeavour of Kielce Mayor Robert Rzepka, Kielce Voivode Józef Płoskonka and the director responsible for the Świętokrzyskie economy – Stanisław Gieroń.  Not only did they provide the venue for the future exhibition centre, but also promoted the idea among the Kielce’s fifty ​councillors.


The first expos were developed under the auspices of the Świętokrzyskie Regional Development Agency and its president Roman Musiał and  the deputy president Andrzej Mochoń. The International Defence Industry Exhibition has been the event of the greatest promotional importance ever since its unveiling.  Andrzej Mochoń, initially the vice president and then the president of the Świętokrzyskie Regional Development Agency was one of the co-founders and initiators of MSPO, Kielce’s first major exhibition.  In 1996, Mr Mochoń was the president of the Targi Kielce Trade Fair for several months.  For several years since March 2000 the Poznań International Fair had a dominant position at the general shareholders meeting. The cooperation terminated in 2006 when the city of Kielce repurchased the shares as the result of the conflict over the profits allocation for the expansion of the exhibition centre’s infrastructure.


In 2002 the centre changed its name to Targi Kielce. Since 21 January 2006, Andrzej Mochoń PhD. has been the Targi Kielce Management Board President.


With its professional team, Targi Kielce is able to organise events of international significance,   including the  International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO, the Plastics Processing Exhibition PLASTPOL. Targi Kielce is also the organiser of one of Poland’s most popular exhibition which enjoys the greatest number of visitors  – every year the International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH  host more than 70,000 guests.  Targi Kielce is also the stage for the International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO  and the  International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO.


In 2013 Targi Kielce completed the greatest facility modernisation and expansion programme in its history.   The expansion scheme was held within the scope of the “Modernisation and expansion of Targi Kielce Infrastructure as the International Exhibition-Congress Centre”  investment scheme, held within the framework of the Measure III.2 “Congress and Tourism Infrastructure” of the Operational Programme “Development of Eastern Poland for the years 2007 – 2013”  The construction of the entry terminals, the E Expo Hall, the Congress Centre and the multi-level car-park accounted for the total of 189 million and 858 thousand PLN (gross). As the result of the modernisation programme, Targi Kielce offers the total of 90 thousand square metres of exhibition grounds, including 36 thousand metres of indoor exhibition space in the seven Expo Halls.  There is Poland’s most state-of-the-art expo pavilion of 5.3 thousand square metres which can be used as the venue for congresses and events for 4,500 people. As part of the expansion scheme, the multi-storey car park for 480 cars, the congress and banquet hall for 850 people, the 19 modern conference rooms as well as the conference rooms at the 57-meter lookout tower have also been put into operation.



Kielce and Świętokrzyskie region


Kielce’s favourable location in the heart of Poland makes it a perfect venue for exhibitions and conferences. Not only is this a splendid place for domestic companies, but also for companies from the neighbouring countries.


Economic situation:


Targi Kielce has proven to be a leading city-forming factor – Targi Kielce’s business activity has largely contributed to the development of the City’s and the Świętokrzyskie Region’s trade fair-related and business-tourism infrastructure. In addition to the new hotel facilities (guests calling in Kielce have at their disposal almost 7,442 beds in 2** to 5** hotels), new restaurants, clubs, sports and entertainment centres, taxi corporations and transport services companies have also proliferated.



Photo: targikielce.pl




The Grono Targowe Kielce [Kielce Expo Cluster] operates in conjunction with  Targi Kielce. This is the first Europe’s expo cluster which associates 88 Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship based commercial entities.


Targi Kielce is owned by the city of Kielce. The local authorities have been dedicated to economic and industrial development of the region. The investment portfolio encompasses enhancement of research and development infrastructure, modernisation of municipal and regional transport systems. The region has also seen the implementation of wide-scale schemes designed to amplify the local market’s potentials as an investment area and tourist destination. Development of modern economy is also enhanced and fuelled with the Świętokrzyskie Innovativeness and Technology Transfer Centre and the entrepreneurial incubator – the Technology Park. This institution associates a few dozens of companies –they are actively involved in innovative technology and solution implementation into various business and industry sectors.


The Świętokrzyskie Region’s economy is mainly based on mining and construction materials production. Business sectors of metallurgy, machines, precise appliance production and food industry also play a vital role in local economy. Development of a number of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship’s industry sectors has also been fuelled by the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone since the Zone has been a catalyst for the Province’s technical potentials. The City of Kielce is also a part of the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone (SSE). Special Economic Zones are specially designed areas in Poland which offer preferential terms for running business. According to the Minister of Economy’s SSE development plan has been designed to favour and enhance specific business sectors, i.e. precise mechanics, automotive industry, metallurgy, electronics, wood processing industry, construction materials processing, chemical industry and ceramics, food processing. The greatest number of business entities are located in the city of Kielce (27.0%) and respectively, in the districts of Kielce (11.8%), Ostrowiec (10.4%), Skarżysko (7.3%), Starachowice (6.5%), Końskie and Sandomierz (5.9%), Jędrzejów (5.6%), Busko (5.2%) and Staszów (4.7%). The smalelst number in the districts of Opatów (3.1%), Włoszczowa (2.9%), Pińczów (2.2%) and Kazimierz (1.4%). The Świętokrzyskie province boasts a high concentration of mineral-mining and rock materials processing facilities. This is where limestone is excavated and used in construction industry and cement production.



Photo: targikielce.pl




One of the region’s biggest companies are:

– Kolporter Kielce Group SA

– Celsa Huta Ostrowiec LLC

– Cersanit SA Kielce Capital Group

– Pilkington SA  Sandomierz

– Polish Building Materials Depots’ Group Busko-Zdroj

– Połaniec Power Plant – Electrabel Poland Group

– Lafarge Cement SA Cement Małogoszcz

– NSK Bearings Poland SA Kielce


In the city of Kielce there is as many an five nature reserves, including four geological reserves. The city of Kielce is located on the Silnica river in the heart of Europe’s oldest mountains – the Świętokrzyskie [Holy Cross] Mountains . Not only does the metropolitan area rapidly develop in terms of its economy and business, but also education. A number of higher education institutions, including Jan Kochanowski University and Kielce University of Technology are a clear proof of that.





Photo: targikielce.pl



Kielce is also an important centre of cultural life. Every year Kielce hosts a whole array of events which attract thousands from all corners of the country. The city’s three theatres are widely known and highly regarded in Poland  and abroad. The city’s cultural potential is enhanced with the activity of  The Stefan Żeromski Theatre. The Theatre’s spectacles have earned numerous awards of prestigious festivals. The Kielce Dance Theatre and Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kubuś” also enjoy a broad-scale recognition.


The important cultural facilities of the Świętokrzyskie Region include Oskar Kolberg Philharmonic, Kielce Culture Centre and numerous museums and art galleries. Kielce’s architecture is dominated with sacral and historical monuments such as the Krakow Bishops’ Palace, the Kielce’s oldest Church of Saint Wojciech [Adalbert] or the Cathedral Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption.


Sienkiewicza Street is one of Kielce inhabitants’ favourite places, this is also the city’s main promenade. Sienkiewicza is where the historic character blends with the present-day commercial functions, this is also the city’s cultural life’s focal point.  Sienkiewicza promenade has been pronounced Poland’s most popular street – the winner of “Your Travels” Tourist Magazine’s plebiscite.




Photo: targikielce.pl



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