【DE】WORTH KNOWING: Face-to-face congress in Bremen

The time has come: After two years, the WORTH KNOWING will be launched again as a face-to-face event – on the 19th. Times. From Monday to Wednesday, 17th to 19th October 2022, journalists can discuss current topics with numerous experts at the Dialogue Forum for Science and Economic Communicators. “After several digital events, we are very much looking forward to the personal reunion in Bremen and start with a very special keynote,” says the project manager of KNOWLEDGE VALUES, Gabriele Frey from CONGRESS BREMEN. This year’s event will open with Dietrich Krauss. He is a journalist, author and editor of the political satire program “Die Anstalt” by ZDF. The topic: “To laugh blindness: journalism and satire in polarized public spheres.”


Reunion in Bremen: After two years, the WORTH KNOWING goes from Monday to Wednesday, 17th to 19th. October 2022, again as a face-to-face event.


photo: M3B GmbH/Joerg Sarbach



Science journalism under pressure

While science journalists were still considered “systemically important” at the beginning of the corona reporting, they were increasingly criticized within the remaining departments. The accusation: too close to science, too uncritical, no counter-consions. Opinions were compared on an equal footing with the facts. The case is an example of this conflict at the newspaper Die WELT: Three editors left the paper because they were critical of the in-house corona reporting. Under the title “Science journalism under pressure: The struggle of the departments”, experts discuss the question of whether the department runs the risk of being pushed into a new niche in which explanations and opinions are evaluated. What share do the colleagues themselves have in this situation and what needs to change?


Sex vs. Gender: the dispute over the biological sexes

How many genders are there? Some are sure: There are only two. When a doctoral student wanted to give a lecture on this at Humboldt University in the summer, there was an outcry (not only) in the transgender community: The categorical division into men or women questions the right of those affected to exist. More and more researchers regard gender as a continuum in which “female” and “male” form only one kind of framework within which diverse manifestations are possible. According to this, biological gender development has so far only been understood in broad outlines. In the Deep Dive “How many biological genders are there?” Experts delve deeper into the topic and also explore the question of why it has so much social explosive power.


Visibility: Where are women?

When it comes to discussion and expert panels on television, many miss parity. “Only guys on stage!” the criticism says. Where are the women? According to a study by the University of Rostock (May 2020) on the topic of gender distribution in corona reporting, only 20 percent of the experts in the TV shows and talk shows examined for the study were female. Men in particular also had their say in the medical context – although almost half of the medical profession in Germany is female, according to the study. Is it their own women’s fault? Editors and program makers know from their own experience that many scientists and experts often reject invitations to public discussions, conferences and talk shows. “I have caught 33 cancellations of women for a one-day symposium,” says KNOWLEDGEABLE program planner Holger Hettwer from TU Dortmund. Reason enough to discuss together with the audience: Why is that? What do organizers have to do differently to change this situation? Guests include Katja Berlin, best-selling and ZEIT author (“Corts of Truth”), and Christina Berndt from the Süddeutsche Zeitung. You have firmly promised not to cancel.


The three pillars of KNOWLEDGE VALUES: knowledge, data and media

In addition to lectures and discussions, the KNOWLEDGEABLE participants can exchange ideas in workshops and deepen their knowledge. Among other things, institutes and research institutions will present themselves in the accompanying trade exhibition. In the “Meet the Experts” format, participants talk to different experts, at the “Open Forum” exhibitors and

Sponsors enter their personal topics.


More information: www.wissenswerte-bremen.de



The WORTH KNOWING celebrated its premiere in 2004. It is an own event of CONGRESS BREMEN (M3B GmbH) and is considered the most important conference for science journalism in Germany. The Dialogue Forum meets regularly every three years abroad: in 2014 it made its first guest appearance in Magdeburg, in 2017 in Darmstadt. TU Dortmund and the Science Press Conference (WPK) are responsible for the programming. The event is supported by Leopoldina e.V. – National Academy of Sciences, Leibniz Association, BASF, Volkswagen Foundation, Telekom Foundation, Association of Research Drug Manufacturers, MC Services and Carl Zeiss Foundation.



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