【DE】Four statements for the green industry: Agricultural Fair Green Days Thuringia from 23rd to 25th September 2022 at Messe Erfurt

The eleventh Agricultural Fair Green Days Thuringia opened its doors to all trade visitors and interested end consumers for three days. 220 exhibitorers will show what the Thuringian agriculture, forestry and food industry has to offer. In a joint press conference the day before the fair, the partners of the event give an outlook on the upcoming event.


Michael Kynast, Managing Director of Messe Erfurt GmbH, is pleased that the Erfurt exhibition center is once again fully occupied and open to all visitors. “On Friday we expect a predominantly young audience, because the student day will take place. More than 200 school classes have registered. With the many opportunities to come into contact with companies on site, we want to do our part to secure the future of agriculture in Thuringia.”


Thuringia’s Minister of Infrastructure and Agriculture Susanna Karawanskij emphasizes: “The Green Days Thuringia are the most important event of the Thuringian agricultural and food industry. Over the next three days, the fair offers an important stage for the direct and so important exchange between those who produce our food and natural products and those who eat, drink and use them. The Green Days Thuringia are much more than an agricultural fair. They are a bridge to understanding. An understanding that is urgently needed to make the systemically important achievements of agriculture even more in the focus of public attention. The Green Days of Thuringia show the diversity of the industry and illustrate its innovative strength, which combines closeness to nature with high-tech.”


Dr. Klaus Wagner, President of the Thuringian Farmers’ Association: “They are extremely uncertain times for agriculture: The costs of energy and fertilizers reach unimagined heights, fertilizers are also difficult to obtain, if at all. At the same time, producer prices reach unprecedented heights, but fluctuate like never before. It is far from clear today whether the sales proceeds of the next harvest will be sufficient to cover the costs. At the same time, we are struggling with an agricultural policy and European reform ideas that complicate our work in many ways, which rely on planned economy instead of competition and ideas. The Green Days will not remain unaffected by these concerns: At the same time, however, the optimism and belief in the future for visitors will also be felt and seen as well as the performance and innovative power of the entire Green industry.”


Peter Ritschel, President of the Thuringian State Office for Agriculture and Rural Areas (TLLLR), gives an overview of the spectrum of activities of the State Office, which are also presented on site at the fair. “Hall 1 is about innovation in agriculture: With EAFRD funding measure “Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability” (EIP-Agri), practical innovation projects in the Thuringian agricultural, forestry and food industries have been funded since 2015. Here we offer information about the EIP-Agri funding program and the planning of an innovation project. At our stand, we will present the possibilities of the recycling of renewable raw materials. One focus is on the possibilities of using sheep’s wool and plant fibers for high-quality textiles, composite materials, nonwovens, building materials, animal litter and employment material, fertilizer. In doing so, we aim to re-evaluate domestic sheep’s wool. Other focal points are the medicinal, fragrance and spice plants with tea tasting and seed quizze, agriculture and grassland use as well as the Thuringian Lehr, Test and Testgut Buttelstedt, which presents its operational activities with initial results on the basis of the award project “Mechanical Weed Control”.


Other exhibition areas of the TLLLR are the Teaching and Testing Center Horticulture, which advises on current topics in horticulture, the educational campus, agricultural marketing, where eleven food producers, 13 horticultural and nursery companies as well as three associations and associations present themselves, the land development, where the results of the LEADER project funding 2019 – 2021 are presented and the farm animals


The entire program as well as the exhibitor overview can be found at www.gruenetage.de.





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