【FR】87th Metz International Fair – eleven days of commercial and festive excitement

From September 30 to October 10, the heart of the Metz Eurometropolis Exhibition Center will beat to the rhythm of the 87th International Fair. After two editions marked by the health crisis, the flagship event of the new school year is back in force. It will bring together nearly 500 exhibitors and should attract some 150,000 visitors.


Never in the memory of professionals has the events sector experienced such a bad patch. The fault of the Covid. Against all odds, in draconian opening conditions and with far fewer exhibitors than usual, Metz has managed the feat of adapting by maintaining its International Fair in 2020 and 2021. of the 100,000 visitors last year. A challenge in such a context.


Inevitably, at the dawn of the 87th edition and strong in its assets, the FIM 2022 intends to regain its most beautiful colours. Appointment is made from September 30 to October 10, for eleven days punctuated by many activities and three nights.


The help of the state


Based on the principle that you have to leave on time, and for the first time in the history of the FIM, the organizers launched the marketing of the stands last December. Announced objective: to reach 500 exhibitors.


First of the assets and not the least, recognized for its strength and ranked in the Top 10 fairs in France, that of Metz benefits from a boost from the State. In order to regain the confidence of exhibitors who have skipped 2021, this system capped at 12,500 euros will allow them to choose to halve their registration fees or increase the surface area of ​​their stand.


When Metz plays strategy


In the pure tradition of the fairs of yesteryear, the Parc des Expositions will open its doors on Friday 30 September in the morning and close on Monday 10 October in the evening. That is eleven days non-stop. An exception to what is practiced elsewhere. A strategic choice dictated by the crowds on the first and last day. One, oh so important because, coupled with the official inauguration, it traditionally serves as the setting for the event; the other, faith of exhibitors, allows to make still beautiful business.

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