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Fish and seafood delicacies have been the focus of MESSE BREMEN since this Sunday. More than 320 exhibitors from 27 countries present the latest products and production technologies around the popular food at fish international. The central topics in the specialist forums of the only German trade fair of this kind include the effects of climate change as well as sustainability aspects in fisheries and aquaculture.


Fish bred in aquaculture such as this kingfish (yellow-tailed mackerel) is indispensable for supplying the world’s population with protein. The fish international trade fair focuses on sustainable and forward-looking technologies. (c) M3B GmbH/Oliver Saul



The consequences of climate change on fish stocks in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are already noticeable today, reported the director of the Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries, Dr. Gerd Kraus, at the kick-off event. As a result of an increase in average water temperatures in the North Sea and Baltic Seas by up to 2° Celsius during the summer months, cold-loving species such as cod migrate north, according to Kraus. In return, species accustomed to warmer water such as squid migrate from the south into the North Sea. In principle, Kraus does not consider the supply of fish to be endangered. At the same time, the chief adviser to the Federal Government appealed on fisheries issues: “We must remain on the path of sustainability and give fish stocks sufficient space and time to adapt to the changed conditions.”


In order to ensure the supply of protein to the world’s population, fish farming in aquaculture is becoming increasingly important. fish international focuses the industry, among other things, on modern recirculation systems that require a minimum demand for fresh water and have little impact on the environment. At the trade fair, various exhibitors show such facilities in which high-quality species such as White Tiger shrimp and kingfish (yellow-tailed mackerel) are bred and freshly marketed in Germany and neighboring countries.


Technologies for these aquaculture as well as a wide range of techniques for the production of marine food are just as traditionally part of the wide range of fish international as the latest product developments. Current trends include vegan “fish” alternatives. Several exhibitors show preparations based on vegetable proteins made from algae.


Already on the first day of the exhibition, the event at MESSE Bremen was characterized by a very positive atmosphere. Obviously, the trade visitors of fish international enjoyed the special personal meeting. The trade fair takes place every two years. Due to the pandemic, it was postponed this year from the traditional date of early February to the beginning of September. With more than 320 companies and institutions represented, participation in this year’s fish international is higher than in 2020. The industry meeting is still open until Tuesday.


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Climate change is already having an impact on fish stocks in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Cold-loving species such as cod migrate north, other species such as squid migrate from the south, reported Dr. Gerd Kraus, head of the Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries, at the kick-off event of fish international. (c) M3B GmbH/Oliver Saul


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