【DE】SPORTS UNITED celebrated its premiere in the city center

The new sports event connected on the 4th. September 2022 all people with a love for sport


What do you associate with sport? – Exercise, fun, endurance, sore muscles, team spirit, meeting friends … could be read on banners on the event site in Brückenstraße. Above all, the participants of SPORTS UNITED combined the love of sport and movement. The community experience and cross-sport cooperation were in the foreground. More than 1,000 recreational athletes from young to old were on the road continuously or rolling in and around Chemnitz in 10 different circuits on Sunday. Hikers, runners, mountain bikers, inline skaters, triathletes, wheelchair users and wheelchair cyclists had one goal this afternoon: Brückenstraße in Chemnitz for a joint after-sports party. From 2:30 p.m., the individual groups reached the finish line at the Marx Monument one after the other and were greeted applausefully.


The hikers arrived in the finish arch as the first group. Around 40 participants took part in the hike from Grüna to Chemnitz organized by the Wanderclub 1951 Chemnitz e.V. In a good mood and emotionally touched, the actors enjoyed the common goal arrival. It also became emotional among the actors of Lauf-KulTour e.V., who organized a duathlon season through Germany and the Czech Republic. The 20 athletes were on the road for a good cause for nine days. The team is committed to the Deutsche Duchenne Foundation through sport. The sporting challenge was also met by the triathletes of Triathlon Chemnitz e.V. Her tour started in the swimming pool in the Sportforum. Afterwards, the team swung onto the bike and completed the last kilometers to the finish. The ASB organized a wheelchair tour and had an eye for the accessibility of the city with the participants in wheelchairs and also on foot, among other things. The youngest players also came to the finish in a rolling manner. During the balance bike and bicycle tour of the Chemnitz Children’s Sports School, children of different ages rolled onto the home straight together with their parents with wheels, scooters and bicycles. In addition to the stage, the skateboarders and BMXers showed their skills on the skateramp. The bike show of MTB trial professional Hannes Herrmann in the afternoon attracted many spectators. The highlight of the finish lines was the arrival of the cyclists of the “European Peace Ride” (EPR). 120 international participants cycled 430 kilometers across borders through three countries for peace in two daily stages, including cycling professional Marcus Burghardt. With European Minister Katja Meier, another prominent guest was in Chemnitz. She also accompanied the team on the last kilometer by bike. Together, participants and viewers ended the sporting day with live music from the bands Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt and Drens. Around 2,500 visitors came to the event throughout the day.


“Sport can connect,” says Chemnitz Lord Mayor Sven Schulze in an interview on stage shortly before the finish line of the cyclists of the “European Peace Ride.” “It was a good start for SPORTS UNITED today. Chemnitz is a sporty city and we would like to show this to the whole of Europe in 2025. We would like to expand this event with further sports. Because every tradition needs a beginning.”


Also Dr. Ralf Schulze, organizer and managing director of C3 Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren GmbH, was satisfied with the first edition of SPORTS UNITED. “We have succeeded in integrating ten different sports into an overall event. Across generations and integrations, athletes could be given personal appreciation in the target area. With SPORTS UNITED, we have started a pilot project for the Capital of Culture year 2025 this year. It should offer many participants the opportunity to actively participate in the Capital of Culture year through sport – whether as a club, private person or recreational athlete. The format offers the framework for a variety of players to get involved with a route or sporting challenge, e.g. with a short tour along special sights in Chemnitz or a multi-day tour along the Purple Path by e-bike. The sporting exchange with the cultural region as well as cooperation with European partners will also play a major role in the future. SPORTS UNITED is always open to suggestions and ideas.”


Many of the actors and associations have already pledged their participation for the coming year. SPORTS UNITED is together with the EPR for the 2nd September weekend 2023 already planned.



In connection with the European Peace Ride, SPORTS UNITED celebrated on the 4th. September 2022 premiere. The new event format was organized in cooperation with the Stadtsportbund Chemnitz, several sports clubs, actors and C3 Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren GmbH. The event is a project of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 GmbH and is intended to connect all people with love for sport and movement. In no way, the performance character is in the foreground, but rather on the valuable sense of community, which on the one hand invites you to exchange ideas with other people and on the other hand is able to overcome social divides.



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