【DE】ILM EDITION #156. More fashion, more content, more visitors

More visitors. Visitors from 42 countries came to ILM EDITION #156, confirming the ILM’s role as a leading international trade fair. “We haven’t quite got back to pre-Corona levels, but the great interest, especially from abroad, proves once again that the ILM is the most important event for our industry and clearly a unique and indispensable ordering platform”, said Arnd Hinrich Kappe, Managing Director of Messe Offenbach. All the big names get together at the ILM. Jan-Oliver Nannen from Titan confirmed that “even buyers from major groups are here again.” Georg Picard from the company of the same name was thrilled at the number of foreign customers. “The fair is going really well. Alongside our existing customers, we have acquired some new customers both from Germany and abroad.”


More fashion. With 252 brands for bags, accessories, luggage and school articles, the ILM is not only a must for leather goods retailers. Shoe retailers, buyers from fashion and concept stores as well as online platforms also come to the fair to find complementary products to expand their range. Traders are clearly showing more courage when it comes to orders. “The customers are happy. They are buying more colour and looking for something really original for the end consumer. It’s all about affordable luxury”. This was how Dave de Boer, representing various brands including Coccinelle, Valentino and Guess, described the ordering behaviour. Strong colours, especially pink and green, create highlights. “We need colour. In these challenging times, we are offering fantasy and a touch of humour,” said Fabio Innocenti of the Italian bag and shoe label Tosca Blu. Thanks to its wide range of fashionable bags and accessories, the ILM is also well on track to return to its old strengths in the luggage sector. “We have rarely experienced such a good mood. The luggage market has picked up again. You can really feel it. Pre-orders for FS 2023 are also going well,” commented a happy Dirk Schmiedinger from Samsonite.


More content. The industry has a lot to talk about quite apart from orders. Digitalisation and sustainability are key topics when it comes to finding new ways to approach products and customers. The ILM supports exhibitors and visitors in this field with more and innovative services. The Content Crew, that collected honest opinions, emotions and product information during the fair, was very well received. “We think it’s fantastic that we can present our collection digitally, too. It’s great that you can look at it directly on the ILM website,” said Alessandro Arcadia from the bag supplier of the same name in praise of the ILM’s new service.


More inspiration. The support programme, including excellently staged fashion shows, photo shoots, fascinating talks and, not to be forgotten, the top-class Offenbach Industry Talk, provided exhibitors and visitors with a wealth of fresh ideas to liven up their business. Dominik Davatolhagh from the sustainable newcomer label Melina Bucher praised the event saying: “We’re amazed at how perfectly the fair is organised: both in the run-up and also during the event with such terrific service. It is really unique.”. Andrea Bürkle from Braccialini stressed the pleasant working atmosphere and the clean, modern design of the ILM. For Axel Bree from Stratic, the ILM is an indispensable event: “The ILM is important because we can present ourselves from our best side here.”


EARLIER! The 2023 dates are fixed. “We always bear the needs of the industry in mind and with the new scheduling we are reacting to the change in lead times, among other things. The ordering season has moved forward”, explained Arnd Hinrich Kappe. The dates for ILM EDITION #157 are 4 – 6 February 2023. The ILM EDITION #158 is scheduled for 29 – 31 July.




“The ILM went very well for us. We get bigger with each fair. Customers are buying more and appreciate reliable, long-term partnerships.”

Mara Visonà | Visonà


“It could be a bit busier but the customers who are here are in good spirits. Even if the consumer mood is currently on the decline again, we can be happy that we had a very good summer with a strong increase in travel activity. This has had a very positive effect on turnover.

Thomas Nickel | Aleon


“At the ILM, the focus is on efficiency. Customers appreciate the very pleasant atmosphere. Fashion-wise, it’s all about ‘bags to party’: glamour, femininity and colour – everything just has a bit more chic!”

Stephan Bruder | Abro


“We meet a lot of international customers at the ILM. That’s great. From Europe, but also from Africa and America. We are pushing strong, cheerful colours for spring/summer 2023. Pink is our top seller.”

Sabina Orlandi | Marino Orlandi


“This is our first time at the ILM and we have taken a lot of orders from day one. Not just from leatherware and bag retailers, but also from concept store buyers and online suppliers as well as shoe retailers who want to add bags to their range.”

Karin Mollik | Kamoa


“It’s our first time here and we are surprised at how international the ILM is. That is very positive. In New Zealand, we are the market leader with our unusual, sustainable umbrellas. We want to turn umbrellas into a fashion item.”

Stephan Göbel | Blunt


“As a glove supplier, the September fair is less relevant for us than the ILM in spring. But nevertheless we like to be here to offer our existing customers extra services, for example with our NOS articles. We have the impression that the customers who are here are all in good spirits. They are dealing with the current situation realistically. They don’t complain so much, but are looking for solutions and finding them. They are giving a lot of intensive thought to their product ranges. ”

Antje Wode | Kessler


“There a slightly fewer visitors, but we make appointments in advance and that works for us. It is pleasing that there are more international visitors at the ILM again. We had customers from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland. In general, you can say that the luggage sector is picking up again.”

Pierpaolo Palmieri | The Bridge/Piquadro


“We can’t complain. There are fewer people on the road overall, but those who are here are in good spirits and doing good business. International visitors are also coming back.”

Philipp Rupp | Esquire


“We’ve been working really hard: just taking orders from 9 to 5. I would almost describe the first day as a state of emergency. Retailers are happy and buying lots of colour. Overall, they are bolder and looking for something original for their customers. It’s all about affordable luxury – and that’s why we offer exactly the right products with our brands.”

Dave de Boer | Fashion Solutions


“We are surprised that overall there are so few visitors at the fair. The trade in pure leather goods is noticeably slacker. Interest from concept and fashion stores, on the other hand, is increasing. Some customers are very price-sensitive and more critical than in the past.

Roman Kraus | Fritzi


“The trade fair went really well for us. Our stand was always full. Major customers are back, too – they are allowed to travel again. The mood is very good because sales in the luggage sector are incredible at the moment. The demand for suitcases in the industry has been high for some months. We have now been able to fulfil the backlog of orders.”

Jan-Oliver Nannen | Titan


“The fair is going great, our stand was very busy every day. We were also pleased to welcome new customers from Germany and abroad. Picard’s modern image is very well-received and retailers appreciate our social media and marketing activities. When it comes to ordering, the focus is clearly on unusual and exceptional products. Price discussions are not an issue.”

Georg Picard | Picard


“We have rarely experienced such a good mood before, probably partly because there has been an extremely high demand for luggage over recent months. Pre-orders for spring/summer 23 are also going well. Customers are ordering early so that they get the goods on time.”

Dirk Schmiedinger | Samsonite/American Tornister


“We are expanding and starting the new season in a stronger position. Interest in backpacks for schoolchildren is increasing. Even first year primary kids in Germany want backpacks. In general, the school market is a huge business. People invest a lot in their children.”

Marlene Engelbreth | Beckmann


“We still see the ILM as a leading trade fair and it’s extremely important. We are very happy about the new, early dates. That means we will come back. At this point in time, we have already taken 98% of our orders. Lead times are much earlier.”

Martin Kurz | Vaude


“There are fewer visitors at the ILM. I don’t understand why. Retailers should be here placing their orders. Because if you don’t sell anything, you won’t be able to pay the rent.”

Matthias Herr | Deuter


“We have experienced a significant rise in visitors from abroad. The retailers who are here understand that the end customers have to be motivated. We are doing good business with everything that is fashionable and affordable.”

Oliver Lamm | Emily & Noah


“This is our first time here and we really like the top quality environment around our stand. Visitor numbers were a little better on the second day. The customers who did come showed a lot of interest. Even those from abroad, e.g. from Russia, Israel, Austria, Switzerland and Finland.”

Kitty Scharlau | Scharlau


“The opportunity to present our bestsellers digitally on the ILM website is great. It gives the fair real added value and a broader range. Perfect for those who can’t be at the fair.”

Alessandro Arcadia | Arcadia


“We are celebrating 135 years of Braun Büffel this year. The combination of tradition and modernity, i.e. our high-quality collection that focuses on craftsmanship as well as fashion, is very well received by our customers at home and abroad.”

Christiane Brunk | Brown Buffalo


“I need more than one day for the ILM. I have so many appointments here that I can’t manage them all in one day.”

Thorsten Sorgers, Sorgers, Mülheim-Kärlich

“The ILM is very important for us It’s a good place to foster our contacts with suppliers. We like the fact that you can see and order everything under one roof. Short distances are crucial.”

Rianne Slierman, Travelbags, Hardenberg (Netherlands)


“At ILM you meet everyone under one roof. That is very good and very practical. We appreciate the short distances and the opportunity to gather ideas. There is always something new to discover.”

Marianne Ponetz, Coop, Zurich (Switzerland)

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