Analysis of the booth design program

In the exhibition, the booth represents the image of the enterprise, so design is particularly important. How to design the booth and the analysis of the booth design program are described below:

1、Early-stage booth planning and editing of text materials

Pre-planning, the pre-planning of booth design includes fund-raising, publicity, advertising, etc.

Editing of text materials, writing text script materials means that the text editors are responsible for writing the overall text scripts and specific detailed project text scripts according to the purpose and requirements of the exhibition activity. It is the desk preparation before the overall booth design and has been approved by the preparatory committee. Finally, it becomes a guiding document for exhibition activities.

The overall script of the exhibition, including the purpose, requirements, themes, content, time, location, exhibits, data scope, scale, art form, etc. of the exhibition activities.

The detailed items of the booth design, including the main and subtitles and contents of each part, statistics of objects, pictures and charts, and clear plans for the requirements of display props, displays, lighting, materials, colors, decorations and craftsmanship, as well as Further specific basis for the design and implementation of the booth.

2、Collection of booth technical data and booth design basis

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the exhibition plan, it is necessary to master and understand the technical information and data required for the exhibition design before proceeding with the artistic and technical design. Must grasp the actual situation of exhibition venues. In addition to the original architectural drawings of the exhibition venues, it is necessary to conduct on-site surveys, proofread the architectural drawings and on-site data, and understand all the facilities on the site, such as lighting equipment, power distribution rooms, storage spaces, fire-fighting facilities, and exhibition venues Plan layout; understand the content of the booth design, including exhibit characteristics, dimensions, technical data, and exhibition design requirements, and be familiar with the specifications, prices, and performance of various materials.

3、Overall art design

The art design of exhibition activities is also called “Schematic Design”. It is a process by which exhibition designers use creative thinking to turn their design intent into a visual schema. It is a process of visualizing the theme and content of exhibition activities. The necessary steps for the active script to become reality. The manifestation of graphic exhibition design includes schematic diagram of overall exhibition layout, exhibition space effect diagram, space lighting design diagram, schematic layout design diagram, display elevation design diagram, display prop design diagram, etc. The technical design of the exhibition activities is a supplement to the art design, which is used to ensure the effect of the art design, that is, to further state the intention of the exhibition design in a technical form. The drawings of drawing techniques include plan drawings, elevation drawings, lighting appliances drawings, power configuration diagrams, props production drawings and other specially designed construction drawings with precise dimensions. These technical design drawings are a necessary guarantee for the overall exhibition design effect and are usually carried out under the guidance of the specific arrangements of the chief designer of the special booth construction.

So, you  know the analysis of the booth design program .

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