How to apply color to booth design?

The realm of our lives is like a huge visual system composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We feed the visualization back to the world through perception. Color constitutes our splendid life elements; color, an abstract concept, uses light to closely link each element of the natural world. How to apply color to booth design?

As an important element in the design of the booth, color plays an indispensable role. It not only evokes people’s visual beauty, but also conveys unique emotional appeals, giving us a strong visual impact

Booth design with warm colors and high brightness colors can make people excited or happy and comfortable; cool colors and low brightness colors can make people scary or sad and melancholy. Color can also have physical effects on people psychologically and emotionally. Color can produce a sense of temperature; color can produce a sense of weight; color can also cause volume reduction; color can produce a sense of distance in people’s mind.

How many color combinations are used in the design of the booth, it should have its own color tone, not too fancy; it must help the expression of the theme content, express the mood and atmosphere; the booth design generally considers factors such as season, location, and lighting assistance, also need to consider the company’s products. In some locations, colors need to be matched according to the exhibits, so that the exhibits are associated with the colors, and the exhibits are highlighted. This will not only keep the colors out of touch with the exhibits, but also impress the visitors.

The color design of the booth must have certain principles, too much color will cause visual fatigue of the visitors but will not achieve the expected effect. Therefore, two to three basic colors are generally selected in the booth design, so that visitors can adapt to the simple characteristics required by the human eye.

The color selection and design of the booth design props are also based on principles: first, the materials and appearance of the props should be neutral and pure hue and must not be colorful. Second, the appearance color of the props should set off the exhibits, and the colors should not be too close, and there should be a sharp contrast with the exhibits. Third, when determining the color of the props, it is necessary to consider both coordination and contrast with the color of the display space interface.

The collocation and application of colors play a very important role in design, and they are often difficult to control. On the one hand, we must learn various color processing methods, and on the other hand, we must consider the visual and psychological effects of various colors on people. In addition to our continuous exploration and innovation in practice, in addition, more learning and accumulating color matching schemes for some excellent works can help us avoid detours and achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

Remember, a successful booth design is often full of vitality and appeal!

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