Importance of booth construction and cleaning

The last work of the booth construction is the cleaning of the booth. The conventional cleaning method is that the exhibition workers simply wipe and clean the dust and garbage on the ground after the booth is built. With the improvement of the overall service and the good impression of the customers, the exhibition design company will invite professional cleaning aunts to clean the booth for some high-quality exhibitors, to make the exhibitors have a comfortable and clean exhibition space. However, at present, many booths booth construction and cleaning work is completed by exhibition workers. Is it important to clean the booth? How important is it? Biga, I’ll tell you

On the premise of answering these two questions, the exhibition design company will divide the customer categories. In the process of booth construction, the process and effect of the booth must be the most important, followed by the booth cleaning work. If the booth cleaning is done well, it will play the role of icing on the cake and make the exhibitors feel that the service of this design company is different from that of other design companies, and the service and details will be better. The booth cleaning personnel are generally 300-400 per person / day according to the current market price, and several people can be selected according to the size of the booth. The exhibition design company can include the cost of this part in the total price when quoting. The difference between professional cleaning personnel and non-professional exhibition workers is relatively large. Especially when the booth with large area glass structure is involved, professional cleaning personnel will carry professional cleaning tools without increasing the cost. The cleaning is very clean and fast.

The professional cleaning work of the booth can not only increase the customer’s goodwill but also show the company’s service professionalism. It has no advantages and disadvantages, and it does not cost much budget. The exhibition design company can also let the exhibition factory provide corresponding professional cleaning services on the premise of increasing costs. However, the most appropriate thing is to have its own booth cleaning resources, which may be more careful and responsible than the cleaning personnel employed by the exhibition factory.

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