The detailed skills of enterprise booth

The exhibition is a kind of publicity activity carried out by enterprises to display products and technologies, expand channels, promote sales, and spread brands. The detailed skills of enterprise booth layout are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

  1. Lighting selection

At the exhibition, because people are easily attracted by places with high brightness, many exhibitors choose high-power lighting systems and highlight products to attract the attention of visitors. This is indeed a method, but it is bound to gradually raise the temperature of the lighting equipment. Just imagine the high-temperature light shining on the visitors. It won’t take long for the visitors to feel irritable. Therefore, it can be said that the loss outweighs the gain. If the booth wants to be bright, it can choose cold colors for lighting, and use the reflection principle of light to shine the light on reflective objects such as ceramics for reflection, so that the light is not so harsh, but adds luster to the products and is easy to watch.

  1. Logo awareness

In the process of booth construction, the enterprise logo is a symbol of the enterprise, which represents the whole enterprise, so it is generally placed in the most eye-catching position. However, do not place too many corporate logos, which will make the exhibition hall messy and reduce visitors’ interest in the booth. However, there should not be too few, which will make visitors confused and unable to find target enterprises. The company logo should be visible to visitors around.

  1. Carpet selection

In the exhibition, we often see that the floor of the booth is covered with carpets. There are many colors, such as black, red, gray, etc. carpets are generally reused by businesses, and some will show dirty. Therefore, when choosing carpet color, pay attention to whether it is dark or light, it is easy to get dirty. For example, black and red carpets have a clear footprint, which is not good. Therefore, it is best to choose the most dirt resistant gray in the color system of the carpet, and the specific situation should be determined according to the situation.

  1. Decoration of negotiation area

When it comes to the role of the negotiation area, it should be very big. Visitors entering the negotiation area have great intentions for products, which is equivalent to half the success. However, if there is no good negotiation area, it will become an unknown if we want to complete the order. The main points involved in the negotiation area are decoration and environment. Normally, there will be no problems with decoration, but the key lies in the environment. Generally, booth construction is completed one or two days before the exhibition. Naturally, there will be some irritating smell left in the negotiation area, booth, or the whole exhibition. Although there is an exhaust fan for ventilation in the exhibition, if chemical materials are used, the smell can be removed in one or two days. Therefore, we should pay attention to this point.

  1. Booth security

The last priority is the safety of the booth. In the exhibition, if the booth collapses, it is not a simple accident, and serious casualties may occur and cause disputes. Therefore, strict control must be exercised in the material selection process. During construction, careful observation shall be made to ensure that each step is constructed according to the requirements, to ensure the stability of the structure, and to ensure that no personnel and property are safe.

The detailed skills of enterprise booth

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