Display method of online exhibition hall

The exhibition hall display methods have diversified characteristics. At this stage, we usually have live panorama exhibition hall, virtual reality panorama exhibition hall, virtual reality progressive panorama exhibition hall, live progressive panorama exhibition hall and immersive experience 3D exhibition hall. No matter how it is displayed, it has brought more vitality to the company and enterprises, as well as a personal experience for passengers. Cloud exhibition hall is also called light shadow interaction cloud exhibition hall, digital cloud exhibition hall, online exhibition hall, intelligent exhibition hall, etc.

Cloud exhibition hall is the technology application of Internet technology cloud exhibition hall. Cloud exhibition hall online exhibition hall light shadow interactive exhibition hall is a new way to show online cloud display technology services for companies by combining online, offline and mobile intelligent terminals with digital and intelligent Internet technology.

The popularity of online exhibition halls has adapted to the development trend of the times. Online exhibition is a trade exhibition where products or services can be displayed on Internet technology. It is different from the traditional two-dimensional network diagram display mode. It uses 3D virtual reality technology and 3D digital model technology to accurately simulate 1:1 high recovery of offline scenes, breaking through multiple limitations of time and space of traditional offline scenes, and achieving 24-hour continuity.

It is difficult to attract consumers’ attention if exhibitors only explain their exhibits through traditional pictures and texts. Each kind of exhibits has its product selling points and basic functions. It is not enough to pass a picture alone. The emergence of online exhibitions broke through the traditional single exhibition hall design, and took VR panorama, 3D modeling and other technology applications as the pillar to bring customers a different immersive experience.

At this stage, online exhibition halls are widely used in large enterprises, exhibition organizations, online cloud exhibitions and other fields. The virtual reality online exhibition hall is a particularly real online virtual space. Enter the VR panorama exhibition hall to browse and let people immerse themselves. You can watch the amazing exhibition hall from various angles. Online exhibitions can be opened not only at the computer end, but also at mobile terminals, which is particularly convenient. In addition, compared with companies and enterprises, online exhibitions can also reduce many promotion costs, thereby obtaining better promotion effects.

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