Excellent exhibition layout design

The exhibition is the most timely place where the company and the market are connected. The purpose is to attract more visitors and purchase, and promote your products to customers. There are “tens of thousands” of exhibitors and possibly “tens of thousands” of visitors in an exhibition, so no matter what the size of the booth or what the commodities on display are, the excellent exhibition layout design needs to be designed to stand out from the crowd.

The quality of the exhibition design and construction has a great impact on the audience. How to design the exhibition is the first important link.Excellent exhibition layout design allows you to separate from many booths。

  1. Exhibition layout concept:

Before the design and construction of the exhibition, we need to know who the target audience of the exhibiting company is, how the company wants to leave the audience when participating in the exhibition and clarify which features the target audience wants to know about the company’s products, or what doubts they have. Then, in accordance with the preferences of the target audience, the layout concept and booth design and construction of the corresponding theme can be carried out.

  1. Categories of Booth Products:

According to the different products of the company, the corresponding customer groups are also different, and companies need to pay attention to the overall image when participating in the exhibition. For this reason, it is recommended that companies should classify according to product requirements and unify the design and layout of the entire booth, which can establish a corporate image and help promote product sales.

  1. Highlight the characteristics of the booth:

Show the core products through different booth design techniques, making them the highlight of the exhibition. It is displayed through a series of display methods such as exhibition board display, stacked display, lighting floor set off, arrangement display, etc., such as luxury goods need to control the number to highlight the noble, etc.; and the use of different heights and shapes of the booth can also increase the products. Appeal.

Large-scale exhibitions are a good platform for companies to display their products, and the booth is the most direct embodiment of the company in the exhibition, so everyone must not ignore the importance of booth design and construction.

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