Exhibition planning needs exhibition core content

There are many forms of exhibition, such as exhibition boards, videos, promotional pages, two-dimensional codes, real-life experiences, etc. Exhibition planning needs to work around the core content, and these forms can only become fresh if they carry the core content

There are many forms of exhibition, such as exhibition boards, videos, promotional pages, two-dimensional codes, real-life experiences, etc. these forms can only become fresh if they carry content.

1. Determine the core content

Any exhibition must have an exhibition theme, the same exhibition theme, and the content script around the exhibition theme is the core content of the exhibition. The determination of the core content is the key and difficult point of the whole exhibition work, and all forms of exhibition are carried out around the core content.

The core content comes from the cognition of the displayed products. On the one hand, the leadership will be mentioned above is the predecessor of the core content, which should be sorted out and improved on this basis; On the other hand, the core content is a complete system, covering many aspects of elements, including: objectives, means, measures, capabilities, effects, etc.

The core content is best expressed through the scheme, and then explained with the key schematic diagram, so that project members can quickly understand it.

2. Understand the core content


There are many roles involved in the preparation of the exhibition. Only by establishing and reaching the same consensus can all parties move in the same direction.

Whether it is planning, explanation, publicity, art, technology and other role members, they should understand the core content and finally achieve a comprehensive understanding of the content. There is no good way for everyone to understand it, that is, to clarify it word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page. Of course, there is another way to understand the content by explaining it to others, so that others can help find out the deviation.

It is hereby emphasized that if the core content is not well understood, the following design, display, explanation, and other work will be greatly affected. If you can’t understand the core content in a short time, it’s recommended to listen to other people’s opinions and suggestions in your next work, and don’t draw conclusions without authorization. Since all the work is related to the core content, the process of exhibition planning is also the process of content understanding.

3. Application of core content

After the core content is determined, the exhibition planning is basically half completed, and the reasonable use of the content is also crucial, such as: exhibition boards, two-dimensional codes, brochures, ppts, videos, etc. the content should be arranged according to the characteristics of different display forms, which will be explained in detail later

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