Exhibition planning requires clear task arrangement

Exhibition preparation is a process of division of labor and cooperation, and the formulation of work plans is indispensable. Exhibition planning requires clear task arrangement. Listing tasks, setting time, and producing results are the basic requirements of the work plan. The plan must be executable. Specifically, the person in charge of the task must know what to do today and tomorrow, otherwise the plan will become a dead letter.

1. Define tasks and split tasks

The rougher the task, the less clear it will be, and the more unpredictable the person in charge will be. It is suggested that exhibition planning should continue to decompose a major task according to task composition or work process, reflecting key task nodes and even work output.

If a task planner can’t break it down on his own, he should communicate with the task leader and plan together, and such a plan must be practical.

2. Reasonably arrange responsible persons

If a task involves the participation of two or even more role members, the first responsible person must be specified; For the role of planning, like product managers, they should try their best to take charge of content output, project communication, progress control and other matters, and should not be responsible for seemingly

3. Reasonably set the time

The setting of time should consider not only the time limit of the whole work, but also the workload of each specific task. It is also recommended to consult with the person in charge.

Exhibition planning must specify the clear task arrangement, to better participate in the exhibition and achieve better exhibition effect

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