The importance of exhibition site management

An exhibition has a period of at least one year from preparation to development, and the focus of the exhibition is usually only three to five days. It can be said that the exhibition site is the key to the exhibition, and the exhibition site management is the top priority. the exhibition site management is a direct reflection of the specific implementation of the exhibition plan and the level of the exhibition, so it has attracted the attention of the organizer. At the same time, the content of the on-site management, control and coordination of the exhibition is very complex, with no details. If it is not handled properly, any small matter may develop into a big problem, and then affect the effect of the entire exhibition.

Due to the diversification and complexity of the exhibition site management business, the organizers have increasingly tended to “outsource” many on-site management operations to professional exhibition service companies. On the one hand, the organizer has achieved the goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency through service outsourcing; on the other hand, it has also enabled the development of various professional exhibition service companies, such as booth design, booth construction, exhibition equipment rental, exhibit transportation, and advertising Printing, security and cleaning, legal consultation, on-site service, catering service, etc. The “service outsourcing” and multi-company cooperation business model of the exhibition site management also exposed many problems. Among them, the more typical problems are the unclear responsibilities and unclear tasks among the various contractors, shirk each other when they encounter problems, lack of unified leadership at the exhibition site, and insufficient preparation for emergency response to on-site crises.

For example, exhibitors set up their booths, but accidentally lost the key to the cabinet. He tried to get help from the exhibition hall contractor, but because the on-site contractor was only responsible for the booth he built, the problem was not solved. Exhibitors then turned to the on-site service desk, but the service desk only provided inquiries and reissuing documents and could not give substantial assistance to the incident of losing the key. Since then, the problems of the exhibitors have not been resolved in the two rounds of negotiations. The evasive strategies of the two service providers agitated the exhibitors and caused quarrels, which seriously affected the order of the exhibition hall and the normal work of the on-site service desk. Another example is whether on-site registration service, on-site guidance and consultation, on-site ticket inspection and other services meet the service requirements of exhibitors and visitors, how to deal with problems, who should be dealt with, and the processing time limit.

These issues are related to the sponsors’ service outsourcing enterprises. Under the premise of service outsourcing, how to organically cooperate between various enterprises to jointly complete the service work on the exhibition site is the core of the exhibition company to strengthen its exhibition on-site service.

The key to strengthen the on-site management of the exhibition is to take the organizer as the leading factor, the clear division of responsibilities as the basis, and the requirements of exhibitors and visitors as the guidance. Each service contractor performs its duties and cooperates organically to jointly complete the on-site service work.

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