Have you noticed the details of the booth construction?

When building the booth, what details of the booth should be paid attention to in order to fully improve the customer experience? Here are some experiences for your reference.

1. Decoration of negotiation room

The negotiation room is an important place. Many orders may be signed here. It can be said that a good negotiation room is half the success of the order. A negotiation room may be very satisfactory in terms of hardware. It looks good, but it smells not so pleasant. This is because in the decoration process, materials with high formaldehyde content or materials containing other chemicals are used, and the smell in the room is relatively pungent. Pay great attention to this aspect. In a pungent environment, it is difficult for customers to have the patience to discuss orders with you. Once I had a good talk with a client, and I was about to talk about the details of the contract, so the staff invited him to the negotiation room to discuss in detail. Who knew that the air in the negotiation room was full of the smell of chemical agents, and the client could not sit there. After a while, I made an excuse and left, and the order was blown. To keep the air in the negotiation room fresh, use materials with low formaldehyde content during decoration or add an exhaust fan during decoration to maintain indoor ventilation and ensure that there is fresh air in the room at all times. This aspect can not be saved, it is possible that an order will fall through due to the pungent air.

2. The choice of carpet

Carpets are the easiest to get dirty, but carpets cannot be changed frequently. In order to prevent the carpets from appearing dirty, light-colored carpets are best used. According to the experience of the staff, the footprints on carpets like black, big red, and orange can be clearly seen in many cases, which will look very dirty and leave a bad impression on others. Based on many years of exhibition experience, it is recommended that you choose gray carpet. Gray is the most stain resistant of various colors.

3. The choice of lighting

Exhibitors often like to use high-power, high-brightness lights. Of course, this is for highlighting the products, which is understandable. But in addition to paying attention to the brightness issue, don’t ignore another also very important issue, that is the temperature issue. When the weather is hot, the temperature is high, and people’s emotions are easily irritable. Also, during the exhibition, if the temperature of the lights is too high and the lights feel hot on the body, the mood of the guests may become irritable, which is not conducive to the negotiation of the order. It is recommended that you use energy-saving lamps or lamps with high brightness but low temperature. Also, if your exhibits are products that are easily reflective, such as ceramic products, then it’s best to choose cold-color lights. Don’t worry about the lack of light from the cold-color lights. After the reflection of the ceramic surface, the light will become just right, but instead create a kind of Inviting feeling. If you choose a high-brightness lamp, after the light is reflected, it will become dazzling, which is not conducive to customers to observe your product.

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