How to reduce the cost of booth construction?

How to reduce the cost of booth construction, at the end of each exhibition, there will be a number of beautifully decorated booths demolished in a few hours. The bigger the booth, the more money you spend and the more waste you have. If you want to reduce waste, control and reduce the cost of exhibition decoration, you can reduce the cost of booth construction from the following aspects:


  1. Strict structural design makes the booth can be used repeatedly

The advantages and disadvantages of exhibition decoration design scheme are generally judged by “perfect function, outstanding image and unique shape”. In my opinion, “the structure design is ingenious, and the booth can be used repeatedly and updated” is also an important aspect of exhibition design. After the exhibition, the exhibitor can continue to use the independent booth in the company’s exhibition hall. Large stand can be stored for the next exhibition.


  1. 2. Choose to decorate material to be able to save

Exhibition decoration does not require the same durability as public decoration or family decoration, and it does not take into account the construction quality problems caused by time and seasonal changes. The goal of exhibition installation is to highlight the “effect” on the premise of ensuring safety. In this way, if the exhibition decoration also generally used imported board, with double-sided aluminum board, is undoubtedly wasted! In the key parts, like the place that stream of people channel, person contacts and towering stand to wait, it is necessary to thicken the materials to reinforce, use joint venture or domestic material in secondary parts, this can be called “according to ability hire”


3.Advance consideration avoid deviation in construction.

If there is no lack of experience in exhibition arrangement, it is likely to spend too much time on small mistakes and change the construction scheme for big ones. At a certain exhibition last year, a construction enterprise could not erect the image column with crane, so it had to replace it with standard parts. Some exhibitors ask for more projects during the exhibition arrangement, so they have to work overtime. Maybe the exhibitors don’t care about the increased site rent and workers’ overtime pay, but if the exhibitors communicate with the construction enterprises in design and construction in advance and strengthen the management, they can not only save resources, but also set up the exhibitors and construction enterprises “high quality, high efficiency” image.

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