How to view an art exhibition?

How to view an art exhibition?In fact, the exhibition itself is not a problem,Seeing exhibition is a problem, so please let the problem/confusion be a pleasure.


1.At the beginning, it’s normal to be confused and unable to understand the exhibition.

I’m afraid I can understand the exhibition. This logic is like the process of “looking at mountains is mountains, not mountains”. (For the advanced version of the exhibition, we will have the opportunity to talk about it later.)


2.To watch the exhibition, you should be able to negotiate with yourself.

It doesn’t matter to go to the exhibition site to take self-portrait, and it doesn’t matter to pass the time. You must find the motivation to let you go to the exhibition and firmly grasp it and know that no one or expert is qualified to criticize your motivation. At the same time, you are not ashamed of your motivation.


3.When watching the exhibition, suggest a person.

Watching the exhibition is the best opportunity to be alone with yourself, and the best place to heal yourself and know yourself. People who want to see the exhibition for social purposes are suggested to try to see the exhibition alone.


4.Look at the exhibition for the first time, not the exhibition description.

First, take a quick stroll around the exhibition hall to visually remember the works that catch your attention. If there are more than 30 exhibits or you are in an endless exhibition hall, you are suggested to walk around in different areas. If you don’t catch your attention in the first area, you can go to the next area without wordiness. The way to do this is a speed-reading way to build your own understanding of the exhibition. The visual memory can be assisted by taking out your mobile phone to take pictures, but please turn off the flash, or please confirm whether you can take pictures in the exhibition hall. This is the courtesy of watching the exhibition.


5.Watching exhibitions is a physical work.

Keep your body stable. If you have a cold, don’t go to the exhibition. Please wear flat shoes, preferably not rubber soled ones, to avoid making noises when walking. Any non-exhibition works will hinder the exhibition experience. It is best to do so for the sake of good time cost, harmonious society, and comfortable exhibition.

The above is the way to view the art exhibition. You can try to see the comments/reports related to the exhibition, or you can start to record your experience after watching the exhibition three times, or you can have another look with your friends

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