How to visit professional exhibitions?

As the saying goes: laymen watch the excitement, insiders watch the door. There are many exhibitions every year, so what do dealers need to know how to  visit professional exhibitions?

1、Look at the new products of the enterprise. At the exhibition, many factories will launch some new products, and dealers can learn more about them through this channel. If they feel that they are valuable, they can ship them immediately to increase sales. At the same time, we can also pay attention to the layout of the exhibition and optimize our stores.

2、Get in touch with the enterprise. If you are a dealer close to the factory, it is not a problem to visit the factory several times a year; However, if you are far from the factory, you can take advantage of this opportunity to communicate with the factory and get in touch with your feelings.

3、Communicate with excellent dealers. No matter which brand of dealers, there are excellent and ordinary dealers. You can take advantage of this opportunity to have more exchanges with excellent dealers at the exhibition to see how they do it and what aspects are worth learning from.

4、Grasp the industry trend. Many of the exhibits in the exhibition have a popular trend. If many brands withdraw from similar styles, it is likely that this style will be popular next, and preparations for minor injuries need to be made in advance.

5、Discover new investment opportunities. In many exhibitions, there will be some new brands and new styles, so you can investigate them in detail, and you can learn more about the brands or styles that you think have opportunities.

6、Learn from competitors. In many cases, the best teacher is the competitor. During the exhibition, the factory will do its best to show the characteristics of its own brand. Therefore, dealers should seize this opportunity and take targeted countermeasures.

7、Learn opening-up policies and improve negotiation skills. One of the major purposes of the factory at each exhibition is to attract investment, and the factory will give many preferential policies. Currently, it is advisable to sort out the policies of many factories and negotiate with the factory, to provide more means and flexible methods.

8、Learn marketing methods. The investment in an exhibition is very large, so most brands will use various means to attract customers, so during the exhibition, it is also a good time for major brands to compete for marketing ideas, and dealers can learn a lot of marketing methods from it.

9、Pay attention to the market dynamics. Every time we arrive at the exhibition, the mall will make great efforts to communicate with major brands. Dealers can take this opportunity to pay attention to the whereabouts of the mall, grasp the dynamics of the mall, and take preventive measures in advance.

10、Pay attention to the marketing planning company. At the exhibition, many marketing companies will come to publicize. Dealers can communicate more with marketing planning companies and learn about relevant marketing methods.

It depends on your personal needs and what you need to get at the exhibition site, so you can choose a professional exhibition to visit.

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