Comparison between online exhibition and traditional exhibition

With the development of Web3D technology and 5G technology, online exhibition not only provide artists with new creative media and means, but also set off a global upsurge in the construction of digital virtual art museums. When it comes to online virtual exhibitions, what do you think of first? “Online Virtual Exhibition Hall” and “Virtual Art Hall”, in the 360 ° or 720 ° panoramic digital virtual art exhibition hall, the audience can face to face art works.

Some people say that although the epidemic has reduced the travel frequency of the audience, their enthusiasm for art has not decreased, and they even have an unprecedented interest in virtual art experience. The exhibition hall of online exhibition works of art is a space free exhibition hall. Relying on the Web3D technology of Technology, it is easier to hold exhibitions. This makes more and more artists and curators combine offline exhibitions with online exhibitions, and even turn directly to the front line to explore the infinite possibilities of virtual exhibitions. What are the characteristics of online exhibitions?

  1. Build low-cost, environment-friendly and energy-saving online cloud exhibition:

According to the industry standard, the offline construction of physical exhibition halls, calculated by 100 square meters, has a budget of at least 100000 to 300000 yuan, and the construction time is at least 10 days or several months; In addition to human, material, and financial resources, we should also consider appropriate space. For artists, it is very difficult to build an exhibition hall offline, while the relative cost of online exhibition halls is very low.

An efficient online art gallery can be designed in the form of online exhibition, which is not limited by space. Realize physical isolation and effectively ensure epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the 365-day digital virtual art exhibition hall determines its green attribute and plays a vital role in the protection of resources and environment.

2.365 days online, immersive viewing at any time experience:

Now, online exhibitions not only support 365 days online, but also are not limited by time and space. Whenever and wherever, we can enter the online virtual art museum, count steps under the light of dawn and dusk, and listen to the rustle of snowflakes falling under the painter’s pen.

  1. The data will last forever, storing the growth records of artists:

Although online exhibition is only a tool, it is more important to save data, which saves the works of each artist. Online exhibitions have a powerful database. Through self-developed Web3D technology, online exhibitions can constantly update, iterate, share, and disseminate works of art, turning works of art into the growth records of the entire art museum or artists.

  1. There is no space limitation in the exhibition hall due to the integration of reality and fiction:

Online exhibition refers to the combination of 3D modeling, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), multimedia animation, social technology, digital twins, video technology and other technical means to realize the virtualization and digitalization of exhibition participants, exhibition spaces, exhibitions, booths, docking projects and create an immersive exhibition environment for exhibition audiences. Online exhibition not only integrates offline physical exhibition, but also realizes online extension of exhibition hall without space limitation.

Under the influence of epidemic situation and other factors, online exhibition has broken through the shackles of offline exhibition and entered an independent state. In the past, there was an offline exhibition, and then a panoramic online exhibition hall was created; Now some artists go in the opposite direction, first designing online, and then moving offline. It saves the time needed to draw design sketches and debug repeatedly in the past. The so-called new art forms and concepts should be matched by new exhibition forms. ” Online exhibition allows global audiences to find young artists by watching the exhibition online. Artists or art lovers can freely draw inspiration from other urban art cloud exhibitions, integrate art into life, and make design more spiritual.

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