What are the advantages of online exhibitions over traditional exhibitions?

Now the era of Internet + has come. Among many technologies, exhibition + virtual reality (VR) has always been the focus of the industry. This time, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the exhibition industry was forced to press the “pause button”, but at the same time, the opportunity has emerged. This may be the best time for the exhibition industry to comprehensively develop online exhibitions, and it also brings more infinite possibilities to the exhibition industry.

In my opinion, the exhibition industry and the Internet are a “competition and cooperation relationship”. The Internet has many advantages, such as extensive contacts, unlimited venues, unlimited number of people and commodities, and time constraints; Exhibition is to increase the success rate by improving the site at a specific time, so that buyers can see the real objects and enterprises can talk in detail face-to-face.

The integration of the Internet and the exhibition industry is reflected in the exhibition e-commerce. Among them, various “online exhibitions” are the main manifestation of the exhibition e-commerce form, that is, promoting conferences or exhibitions on the Internet by using network technology. It is the Internet online expression of traditional exhibitions by using network and electronic means. “Online exhibition” breaks through the limitations of time and space of on-site exhibition and is known as “the exhibition that never ends”; The online virtual exhibition is a value reconstruction that promotes the innovation of exhibition business thinking and mode.

“Online exhibition” is an extension of offline physical Exhibition

Compared with offline physical exhibitions, “online exhibition” has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, unlimited exhibition space, unlimited business scale, long exhibition time, wide audience, increased trade opportunities, timely feedback, and electronic statistics and evaluation. However, it also has corresponding defects, such as the limited computer windows, the incompleteness of exhibition information, the uncertainty of the audience, and the statistical deviation of information.

Although “online exhibition” has a certain impact on the physical exhibition market, “online exhibition” cannot replace the leading role of physical exhibition. Because the psychological needs and thinking patterns of consumers or businesses “seeing is believing” will not be easily changed, traditional physical exhibitions not only have the function of understanding products and information, but also have the characteristics of interpersonal communication, physical touch, and face-to-face discussion of these “Exhibition Arts”, which are irreplaceable advantages of current “online exhibitions”.

Internet network technology has sublimated modern physical exhibition, and “online exhibition” has a positive impact on physical exhibition. For example, before the exhibition, you can pay attention to changes in the industry through the Internet and always keep in touch with customers. In the publicity of exhibition projects, the selection of exhibition projects, various contracts and business exchanges between exhibitors and exhibitors, the contacts and agreements between shippers and carriers, and the contacts between exhibitors and customs, the Internet has assumed many data and information dissemination functions. In the exhibition, the Internet can be used to collect information about visitors and customers and make statistics and Analysis on visiting customers and visitors. After the exhibition, through the classification of data and the establishment of a data portrait library, the efficiency of transformation was further improved through digital marketing technology.

“Online exhibition” improves the speed of exhibition information exchange, broadens the scope of exhibition information exchange, reduces the cost of exhibition enterprises, improves the work efficiency of exhibition activities, enhances the economic benefits of exhibition activities, strengthens the coordination and management of exhibition industry, and promotes the global development of exhibition industry.

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