Standard booths pay attention to when setting up booths?

When enterprises participate in exhibitions, they sometimes choose standard booths. What problems should they pay attention to in the process of building up the standard booths?

1.Confirm the lintel information of the booth:

The lintel of the booth refers to the lintel on the booth, which will be marked with the booth number of the company and the name of the company. When constructing the booth, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the information on the lintel is filled in correctly.

2.Before the start of the booth construction work, the specifications of the booth should be clarified:

a.What kind of construction method is used by the exhibition organizer.

b.Booth layout, length and width dimensions and number of openings.

c.What is the size of the wall panels built for the booth?

d.Production of publicity hanging pictures:

3.According to the specifications of the booth, it is clear how many paintings can be posted and the size of the paintings. Special attention should be paid to the fact that in a booth that is not square, the number of hanging pictures to be carried varies in different opening directions. For a booth of 12 square meters, there are 10 and 11 paintings required.

4.Furniture rental:

The basic furniture of an ordinary standard booth is one table and two chairs, carpet and paper basket. Other furniture such as information desks and drinking fountains need to be rented separately from the organizer. Generally, within 1-2 months before the exhibition, the organizer will uniformly ask the exhibitors whether they need to rent furniture.

In addition, the exhibition site also provides temporary furniture addition services, but the price will often increase. For cost-saving considerations, it is best for exhibitors to prepare the required furniture in advance.

5.Sample transportation and placement:

a.Ordinary samples and promotional materials can be placed in the suitcase and checked in when flying.

b.For samples with too large size and volume, you need to contact the transportation company in advance for consignment, at least 30 days in advance. And learn more about the exhibition organizer’s introduction of exhibits transportation.

c.The sample should be placed in a position that can be observed from as many angles as possible according to the booth construction method

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