What issues should the booth pay attention to when entering the hall?

The staff of the booth construction know that the construction time before the start of the exhibition is relatively busy. As the start time of the exhibition gets closer, the construction of the booth is imminent. At this time, when the booth enters the hall, some procedures and problems are still required. If not handled properly, it will have a great impact on the construction of the booth.So, what issues should we pay attention to when entering the hall?

  1. Properly handle documents entering the booth

Most exhibitions need to apply for certificates in advance to enter the exhibition hall. There are mainly two types of certificates, vehicle entry and exit permits and construction personnel entry and exit permits. All documents entering the exhibition hall need to be processed in advance, and some documents can also be processed during construction time. If you go to the exhibition hall on the first day of construction, you will often face queues. Therefore, this problem needs to be dealt with in advance, or queue up in advance, otherwise the booth construction time will be shortened, and overtime will be required.

  1. Quickly confirm the booth location

After the booth construction material transport vehicle enters the exhibition hall, the project manager should quickly find the location of the booth to be built according to the booth plan, and carefully check the booth information to check whether the booth area and opening direction are consistent with the information on the plan. If there are any discrepancies, it is very important to deal with them immediately. In this case, the project manager should contact the customer and the main venue construction at the same time and formulate an implementation plan based on the site signs to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

  1. Confirm the opening direction of the booth

The opening direction of the booth is also a common error in the on-site booth construction. When designing the booth, the exhibition designer must pay attention to the positioning problem. The direction of the booth is generally determined by the size of the main aisle. In addition, it is recommended that the exhibition designer make a three-dimensional booth location map so that the construction staff can set up the booth clearly at a glance and avoid booth collisions.

  1. Confirm the information of reserved equipment

Each booth will reserve some water, electricity, gas, network and other equipment according to the exhibitor’s own needs. After we arrive at the booth to verify the booth information, we should confirm whether the reserved equipment is consistent with the number and location of the equipment reserved in advance. If not, we should communicate and coordinate with the organizer immediately to avoid additional troubles during the construction process.

Only by paying attention to these four points can the booth construction work be completed efficiently and quickly during the booth construction process.

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