Several things to know about rent booth in the exhibition

To participate in the exhibition, enterprises first need to rent booth from the exhibition organizer. Generally, the organizer of the exhibition provides two booth forms to choose from: standard booth (simple and consistent style, no additional decoration) and bare space booth (a bare space, additional decoration is required).

The difference between standard booth exhibitors and bare land exhibitors is mainly due to the different packages they buy from the organizers and the different fees they pay.

This article will introduce several points conducive to the flexible operation of standard booth exhibitors.

First, the standard booth exhibitors should be clear about the configuration details of the standard booth, such as how many tables, chairs, lights, garbage buildings, and sockets there are.

The modifications that can be made without additional cost are to mark the positions of sockets and lamps according to the exhibitor’s manual.

Exhibitors can also replace and supplement some furniture according to the rental list in the Exhibitor Manual.

Second, the standard booth exhibitors can upgrade the soft decoration of the booth.

The most affordable way is to attract eyeballs with flat posters, which is just like the most ordinary body with the most beautiful coat. The effect is still attractive.

There are also some exhibitions that have agreed on a standard booth and want to change to a bare land for design and construction. It should be noted that not every exhibition can change from a standard booth to a bare land. Some exhibitions are not allowed, and some exhibitions are conditional, such as the standard booth that exceeds 18 square meters can be changed to a bare land.

Exhibitors can be reminded here.

Because the booth fee of the standard booth is higher than that of the bare space, if the booth is replaced by the bare space, the exhibitors can negotiate with the organizer whether to transfer the difference of booth fee to the electric box or other necessary expenses to save the exhibition costs.

In fact, some exhibitors do not know whether they paid the booth fee for the bare space or the booth fee for the standard booth, so they operate directly according to the bare space and completely ignore the difference of the booth fee.

If the exhibitors have successfully changed the standard booth into a bare space, they should confirm with the organizer whether there are special restrictions on other bare spaces after no change. It is suggested that such exhibitors should first clarify the standards with the organizers, especially the height limit of booths available. Ensure that the booth design is within the allowable space of length, width, and height from the beginning, to avoid the failure of drawing review after the design is completed, and redesign is required.

For exhibitors, the quality of booth construction is very important, which directly affects the on-site effect. Exhibitors should try their best to choose an experienced exhibition factory to build a booth for you. If possible, they must contact and communicate with the person in charge of the factory. Communicate details with the factory leader in advance, which can avoid many problems in on-site construction and make your on-site construction smoother and faster. The construction quality will also be greatly improved, your satisfaction will also be improved, and your corporate image will be better.

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