The safety of booth construction

Exhibition activities are temporary and short-term,the safety of booth construction is particularly important. The time for exhibition arrangement, exhibition and withdrawal is short. At the same time, any exhibition is a public social activity. Therefore, the link of “no trivial matter in safety” must be constantly grasped. Otherwise, once there is a problem, it may be too late to make up for it.

When arranging the exhibition, it is very important to understand the fire safety safety of booth construction  and carry out the layout and construction of the exhibition.

1、For self-decoration and construction of booths, stands (shelves), billboards (shelves), grids (scaffolds), etc., the plan and elevation of the booths for exhibition arrangement activities must be reported to the venue party in advance, and construction can be carried out only after written approval. The decoration materials shall be flame-retardant materials, and the advertising light box shall have heat dissipation holes and meet the fire protection requirements.

2、The fire passages in and around the exhibition venue shall be unblocked. Any temporary structures and walls in the indoor venue must have a 0.6m maintenance passage. The width of the main passage shall not be less than 3m. It is strictly prohibited to set up booths, place display boards and stack anything at all exits, passageways, fire-fighting facilities, monitoring facilities, elevators, fire alarm pull lines, indoor lighting, air-conditioning exhaust outlets and emergency standby exits of venues. The use of fire-fighting equipment shall not be affected. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue.

3、It is strictly prohibited to connect and control wires and install electrical equipment (including lighting and advertising lighting) without authorization. If it is necessary to install, it must be reported to the venue in advance, and the venue will arrange the installation. If it is installed by itself, it must be reviewed and approved in writing by the venue, and the electrician must work with a certificate. During installation, fire-retardant wires shall be used and safety regulations for electricity shall be observed. Power supply can only be used after passing the acceptance inspection.

4、During construction, decoration, and exhibition arrangement, it is not allowed to block, misappropriate, occupy, or damage fire hydrants and other fire-fighting facilities. Any object must have a clearance of more than 0.8m from the ceiling. No object shall affect the function of shower head and smoke detector. Structures with a height of more than 4m shall be reported to the venue party in advance, and construction can only be carried out after approval.

5、It is forbidden to use electric appliances such as electric stove, electric kettle, electric iron, iodine tungsten lamp and high-power lamps in the exhibition hall.

6、During the transportation, installation and demonstration of exhibits, the bearing capacity of the venue ground must be considered. The larger, heavier, girdle type and lifting type machinery entering the venue may move into impact during operation and demonstration and can only be operated after obtaining the written approval of the venue party and taking necessary ground protection measures: packaging instructions for exhibition samples. Sundries, paper articles and qualified articles for many meetings must be displayed and transported out of the exhibition hall in time. It is strictly prohibited to store them on the back of the street light alarm in the special position.

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