Share some tips for exhibitors

Watching exhibitions, especially large-scale exhibitions, can be described as hard work,Now ,I will share you some tips for exhibitors . If you want to get more effective information in a limited time, you must do the following homework before visiting the exhibition:

1. Obtain the distribution map of exhibitors as soon as possible and set the visiting route.
2. Bring enough business cards to save you the trouble of filling out forms.
3. Put on comfortable shoes and clothing. Visiting the exhibition hall is very tiring. Walking with insoles can reduce the fatigue of the feet and make the feet more comfortable.
4. When preparing baggage, reserve a space so that there is enough space to accommodate exhibitors’ information when returning. Bring a light travel bag. Plastic bags are usually unsightly and uncomfortable, and can even cut your hands.
5. Book air tickets and hotels in advance to get discounts.
6. Choose a hotel close to the exhibition as much as possible, so as to save time for round trips and facilitate rest.
7. Make a list of the manufacturers you are going to visit and divide them into two parts, one is “must visit” and the other is “to visit”.
8. Determine the time it takes you to visit the entire exhibition, even the time it takes to stay at each booth. Clarify the information you need to know from the exhibitors, distinguish the differences between the exhibitors, and then be ready to ask questions at that time. Design a product/service information collection form to accurately compare the similarities and differences between different exhibitors.
9. Make an appointment with the exhibitors you want to meet.
10. Plan the seminar or product showroom to be visited.
11. Register in advance and arrive 30 minutes in advance to avoid wasting time in long lines.
12. Tell the exhibitors directly that your schedule is tight, and you don’t want to waste time chatting, and hope you can get to the point.
13. Look for opportunities to establish business networks. Talk to industry professionals and try to get invitations from exhibitors to their hotels. Introduce yourself to the people around you in the product showroom, distribute and collect business cards. 14. Avoid booths that are too crowded. You should turn back and visit when there are not many visitors.
15. Bring a pen and a note to write down important information at any time, and you can even use a small tape recorder for recording.
16. You need to take a rest, refresh yourself, absorb fresh air, drink some water (don’t drink soda or beer) to prevent collapse.
17. Make a record of the itinerary at each stop and summarize it every night.
18. Find ways to get answers to questions that exhibitors do not want to answer.
19. Avoid negotiating with unrelated manufacturers.
20. Leave the venue 30 minutes early to avoid the hassle of waiting for the bus.
21. Organize and classify the collected materials and make further contact.
22. Follow up with printed materials and samples required to be mailed at the exhibition.
Although the preparations and plans for visiting the exhibition are simple, they are proved to be effective and effective. As long as you pay attention to these details, you can achieve the desired effect.

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