Skills of exhibition design and layout

For the exhibition, the good exhibition design and layout determines whether the exhibition can be successful and whether it can attract more customers. Therefore, we must work hard on the design and layout. Next, I will introduce some exhibition design and layout skills to you.

1、 Different product classification, different design layout.

For the participating companies, different products have different customer groups. Therefore, the products must be designed and arranged according to the classification. Only in this way, it is helpful to introduce targeted products to customers, and it helps to establish the company’s image.

  1. Design and layout should proceed from the needs of the target group

The design and layout of the exhibition should be based on the needs of the target group, it can be designed according to the preferences of the customers. The purpose is to let the customers understand the company’s products and characteristics more clearly, so as to help the product transaction, rather than arrange and design from the perspective of the company.

3、 Highlight key products

For each company, there are key products, popular products, we must highlight the popular products, improve the turnover of popular products.

4、 Booth design should highlight its own characteristics

Exhibition stand design should not be the same, according to the characteristics of their own products, highlight their own advantage, around the needs of customers, through the display board design, lighting design, arrangement display, model display, etc., to display product characteristics better.

5、 There should be a certain sense of space between the exhibits

There should be a certain sense of space between the products, avoiding concentrated stacking and closeness, so as to attract the audience more, highlight the characteristics of the product and leave a deep impression on the audience.

6、 Let the exhibition booth have a certain three-dimensional sense

The traditional display method is plane display, the feeling and effect are not very attractive. If the three-dimensional layout is suspended and supported, it will be revealing spectacular and attract customers to visit.

In short, there are a lot of skills in exhibition design and layout, which can be made more personalized and attractive by various methods, such as small packaging, audio-visual, lighting, grade, output, etc.

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