How to make the small booth more powerful?

Small booths are the main force of special booths, generally accounting for about half of the number of special booths in the exhibition. The size of booths is mostly 18 ㎡, 36 ㎡, 54 ㎡, etc. if you choose to do company publicity on small special booths, you and the booth design and construction company will face the problem of how to make better display effects on a small area.

As the saying goes, “it is difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without rice”. It is difficult for a small booth to achieve the grandeur of a large booth, and it is also difficult to achieve the rich space utilization of a medium-sized booth. However, after careful layout and design, a small booth can still achieve the effect of high, large, and high.

High is high-end, texture and effect. In actual customer cases, there are many customers who use baking paint materials or even ceiling design on small booths. However, such “high-end krypton gold players” are few after all. To save your budget, we recommend the following methods to achieve the high quality of small booths.

Use of light.

The use of luminous characters, light boxes, light bands, hidden light bands, spotlight fill lights, etc. can improve the texture of the booth. The proper use of luminous characters or light boxes on key display contents can enable customers to focus on the content you want to display quickly. The luminous characters and light boxes can also play a role in decorating the booth and making the booth more delicate under the relatively dim ambient light. The direct linear light brought by the light strip and the hidden light strip allows the audience’s attention to follow the light guide and show what you want the customers to see.

Color matching.

In the booth design, the combination of black, white, and gray can improve the texture of the booth and determine the main color of your company’s booth design. Our designers will deploy other auxiliary colors according to the main color to make the colors from simple accumulation to the effect of setting off the tension of the booth.

Large is space. The reasonable arrangement of space affects the overall appearance of the booth and the visitors’ experience. In the limited space of the small booth, it is necessary to place a variety of spaces, including the logo display at the front door, the visiting channel, the front desk reception, the storage, the display and demonstration, the business negotiation, the operation demonstration and so on. First, it is necessary to distinguish the primary and secondary, and make sure that what the audience needs to see at the first glance is the direct logo display of the company. In the small booth, the Poster Canvas light box will not be the focus. Too many and too large poster light boxes will turn the booth into a large color box. The product exhibition area and the negotiation area will be equally important. It is an important guarantee for a comfortable exhibition experience to decide whether the customers attracted to the booth leave your booth with satisfaction. The exhibition and negotiation should be properly separated, and the minimum distance between the negotiation tables and chairs should be maintained.

The small booth should also pay attention to the interaction with the audience and customers. The static display of the booth can no longer meet the experience needs of the visitors. Interaction can bring more intuitive experience to customers and enhance their impression of the company’s products. We set up a large screen and TV to play your company’s promotional videos and product presentation videos to achieve the purpose of first introduction. Through the on-site product display area, to strengthen the product impression of the visiting customers. By setting up a convenient demonstration operation area, we can gain the trust and practical operation sense of visiting customers

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