What is the difference between standard booth and special booth?

The standard booth is generally a 3 * 3 standard booth of 9 square meters, which is constructed of aluminum profiles and PVC plates. On the head of the door, there is the enterprise name and booth number uniformly produced by the main company. Generally, the standard configuration is a reception desk and two chairs. Some standard booths with a slightly larger area of 3 * 4 and 12 square meters will be equipped with a negotiation table. The standard booth does not need to provide the newspaper information, but only needs to submit the company name and English translation to the exhibition company, and the cost is the lowest. The standard booth is low-cost and convenient. The organizing committee will build all the booths, and the booths are equipped with furniture. Exhibitors only need to make posters on the wallboards or rent some more furniture. However, the display effect of the standard booth is low and the position is not as good as that of the special booth. Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, first-time pilot exhibition, or small product companies.


Special decoration is an area divided by the exhibition hall. The area is not fixed, ranging from 18 square meters to several thousand square meters. According to your own budget, the rent of one square meter is several thousand, and the prices of different exhibitions are different. The organizer of the special booth only provides space, and the exhibitors are responsible for the construction and design of the booth. Currently, it is necessary to contact the construction company to design and build. Some larger enterprises will design their own or contact the design company to design the drawings, and then let the construction company quote according to the drawings. However, some enterprises will directly hand over the design and construction work to the construction company, or directly invite public bidding to solicit schemes and quotations, and then select appropriate schemes and quotations.

The booth should be designed, manufactured, and built by the exhibition design company according to the site plan, several opening directions, and the overall style of the company VI.

The exhibition should be based on the company’s budget. If you want to achieve better results, of course, you should choose the special booth with light floor, and the booth with light floor close to the main passageway of people flow is better. We can also do some on-site activities to promote the atmosphere and attract people. We should also pay attention to the preservation of the on-site photography and video materials, which can be used as the company’s publicity materials and send more online news releases. The exhibition is an offline activity. We should use the thinking of public relations activities to participate in the exhibition.


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