The exhibition preparation you should know!

We spend manpower and material resources to participate in foreign trade exhibitions, with the purpose of selling more products and signing more orders at the exhibitions, so as to open up more sales channels for the development of the company. Therefore, since we come to the exhibition, we must make solid preparations to lay the foundation for future signings and should know the exhibition preparation.

1. For those who intend to participate in the exhibition, prepare sample books, samples, exhibition boards, etc., and inform customers of the booth number in advance, and invite customers to have an interview.

Booth Reservation

Usually, the organizer of the exhibition will provide the booth map in advance, which indicates the location and cost of the exhibition. The price of a booth with a large number of people and a good effect is also high. If you decide to participate in the exhibition, you should contact the organizer as soon as possible, and there will be no good place if you are late.

Notice: invite old customers to the exhibition

Call old customers, invite them to participate in the exhibition, try to have face-to-face communication, shorten your distance, and strengthen closer cooperation. We can also use the exhibition to develop new customers. We can tell the new customers who are negotiating about the exhibition information and communicate face-to-face, which makes it easier to form orders.

2. Prepare the professional knowledge of the product.

You will definitely have a face-to-face meeting    with the buyer when you participate in the exhibition. Therefore, you should know the relevant product knowledge, price and model in advance, and the basic situation of the company must be familiar with. Try to answer foreigners’ questions as fluently as possible. The most important thing is to pass the oral English test. If you say that foreigners don’t know what you mean for a long time, they will be embarrassed.

3. Booth design

How to design a booth is important. Whether it can attract buyers to enter your booth for understanding and consultation. Careful preparations should be made from booth design to product placement, and booth design must highlight the company’s brand image;
The products must be placed from the buyer’s perspective, which is the main product, which should be placed more prominently, and the placement angle and order should be carefully studied, so as to highlight the professionalism of the company and improve the customer experience. The certificates of honor and quality certificates that foreigners value should be placed in a conspicuous place.
This is generally the preparation work for the foreign trade exhibition. Before participating in the exhibition, we must consider what the audience values and what questions they will consult from many aspects. We should learn more from companies or individuals who regularly participate in foreign trade fairs. Strive to make the exhibition value for money.

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