The key of exhibition design is layout

The word “layout” sounds like a very thoughtful one, or it is used in some places that require more brains In fact, this layout is the key to the layout of the exhibition design, it directly affects the effect of the whole exhibition and will give different feelings and effects to the participants. So, the layout takes up a very large share in the whole exhibition design. Generally speaking, in order to make the layout smooth, the exhibition design and layout will include the following considerations.

1.Basic knowledge of exhibition design

For example, the initial demands of customers, which occupy the absolute upper hand in the whole exhibition design, only a good understanding of the customer’s request can we design a suitable style or shape. Only understand this point, we can do the layout work well, and let the whole layout is carried out according to the requirements of customers. After all, the customer’s demand is an important issue in the whole design process.

2.The relationship between design and ergonomics

The design can be wild or whimsical, but when it comes to actual use, you must not forget the principles of ergonomics. In this way, the feelings of the staff and the guests participating in the exhibition can be taken into consideration during the whole service process.

3.The basic steps of exhibition design and layout

The design can be realized without construction. The construction can easily affect the smoothness of the entire layout process. The so-called saying one thing and doing another is not without it. Just to avoid this problem and make the effect of the design look the same as expected, we need to make clear the order of arrangement in the design.

The final layout of the exhibition design depends on whether the effect of the layout meets the original intention of the design, and to ensure the entire design is effective and useful. Therefore, the layout occupies an absolute dominant position in the entire exhibition process. A good layout can highlight the product, meet the demands of customers, and ensure that the design effect is not wasted.

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