How to visit the exhibition efficiently?

Nowadays, with the smooth flow of information and the development of networks, procurement managers have more and more ways to buy equipment, and participating in industry exhibitions is one of them. However, how can we find the most valuable procurement information at an exhibition and how to visit the exhibition efficiently ?

Tell you secretly: most enterprises will show their best to the purchasing manager at the exhibition.

Therefore, how can you see the essence of these enterprises through the phenomenon and find the most suitable long-term partners? When you take part in the next exhibition or open day activities, you can refer to the suggestions of ours, change your previous visiting habits (one does not land, and everyone must visit), and focus on the targeted evaluation of all exhibitors. In this way, you may have a deeper understanding of exhibitors and determine whether you can cooperate with them. (it is recommended to take out paper and pen or open the memo)

Evaluation of suppliers

If you have decided to attend a trade exhibition, you should first make clear what you want to see at the exhibition and understand how many enterprises will attend the exhibition that interests you very much. For an exhibiting purchasing manager, making a good plan is an important factor to ensure their success in the process of participating in the conference.

First, make a comprehensive exhibition schedule, which should include the questions you want to ask, the products you want to see or understand (familiar or unfamiliar), the contacts you want to meet, and the business partnerships you want to end or expand. If you represent a company, you also need to list your own terms of reference and product procurement budget.

Research shows that nearly 80% of visitors will make a purchase decision or have a desire to buy at the exhibition. So, how much time should you spend visiting an exhibition? Or how many booths should you visit? Through research, an institution found that each visitor would visit about 15-30 booths in an exhibition, and the time they spent on each booth was about 13-21 minutes. Which booth the visitors will go to and how long they will stay in the booth will depend on the performance of the exhibitors. If you want to register for an exhibition, you should input your name, company name, position and address into a database that can be seen by exhibitors in advance. Please note that when you evaluate potential suppliers, you should consider the following questions and give corresponding scores according to their performance.

1.Before you left for the exhibition, did the exhibitors send pre-exhibition emails or call to encourage you to visit their booths and activities or tell you what new products they will release at the exhibition? (+ 7 points)

2.Did the supplier inform you that they are preparing to attend the exhibition and provide you with a free Pavilion pass? (+ 4 points)

3.When you arrive at the exhibition hall, is it easy to find their booth? (+ 1 point)

4.Is this visitor’s booth close to other exhibitors selling similar products and services so that visitors can compare various options? (+ 2 points)

5.Are the staff on the booth enthusiastic and complete? (+ 2 points)

6.Can the company allow ordinary viewers to see their business characteristics briefly, such as what products are produced and sold, what businesses are engaged in, and what benefits can be provided to customers? (+ 3 points)

7.Are their booths clean and tidy with certain visual impact (such as fresh patterns, logos, or bright colors)? (+ 1 point)

According to the above scoring standards, many suppliers can easily get 20 points. However, research shows that only 17% of suppliers will send pre-exhibition emails to visitors. Many enterprises will not give customers free exhibition hall passes, although exhibition management companies will issue them a certain number of passes.

Through the above introduction, you should know how to visit the exhibition efficiently.

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