【DE】Sustainability, conscious nutrition, digitization: Exhibitors of TIERisch gut implement industry trends

Around 180 exhibitors from the topics of dogs and cats will present on the 12th and 13th. November 2022 their product highlights and innovations at this year’s TIERisch gut at Messe Karlsruhe.


Visitors can look forward to a wide variety of food and care products, accessories and accessories for dogs and cats as well as offers around health and travel with the four-legged friends. Various social trends, adapted to the pet industry, also play a central role.


Sustainability shows itself in various facets


Nelly’s Futterkiste from Karlsruhe has been an exhibitor as a local pet supplies dealer since the founding of the fair and has been well involved in this year’s TIERisch, among other things. Chewing articles for dogs made of dropped deer antlers on offer, which are particularly durable and do not require packaging. Nelly’s Futterkiste has also supported the Karlsruher TierTisch (KATT e.V.), a table for needy animal owners, since its foundation in 2009. As part of the TIERisch gut, visitors and exhibitors can donate food and well-preserved accessories at various collection stations or at the KATT stand in the Katzenhalle (dm-arena). Larger quantities or Items can be handed over to the association or Nelly’s Futterkiste all year round. This allows animal lovers not only to support others, but also guarantee further use of the products.


The Growas company from Lenzkirch also operates from a sustainable point of view: The products are manufactured in cooperation with nearby workshops for people with disabilities, all production partners are regionally located and plastic packaging is dispensed with. The “Schnoolie” from Growas, with utility model protection demonstrably a real world first, was also produced entirely in Germany and becomes a durable product due to its replenishability. The “Schnoolie” is a hand-sized “reward maze” for dogs: It is based on the principle of the licking mat, can be coated with a treat and used if dogs are to be calmed, distracted or rewarded.



Around 180 exhibitors present their diverse offer for dogs and cats at TIERisch gut




Travel and transport with respect for the environment and animal welfare


Environmental friendliness also plays a role when it comes to traveling with the faithful companion: Novasol offers more than 16,500 pet-friendly holiday addresses throughout Europe and is thus aimed at families who want to travel with dogs, cats & Co. – and gladly in a sustainable way. In Denmark, for example, Novasol offers 5,500 energy-saving houses, which are equipped with solar systems, pellet stoves and electricity from wind power, among others. In Sweden and Norway, there is also the so-called “Back to Nature” category. In these holiday homes, energy consumption is even lower and the energy is mainly generated by low-cost hydropower.


DoggyTourer’s products are also good for the environment: The company from Straubenhardt presents at TIERisch gut, among other things, its range of bicycle trailers produced exclusively in Germany, with which the transport of the four-legged friend succeeds even without a car. As a world first, the bicycle trailer “Cocoon” is especially for stress-sensitive, irritable or aggressive dogs. Because with the novel shape of the side walls and the top, a “cococoon” is created in which the dog can withdraw and thus be transported safely and protected. In addition, visitors can find out about the “Quattro” model, Europe’s first bicycle trailer for dogs with four axles for particularly large and heavy animals.



In addition to a variety of food and care products, animal lovers will also find a large selection of accessories and accessories for dogs and cats at TIERisch gut.




Conscious nutrition of four-legged friends comes into focus


Nacani is well represented at TIERisch with an offer of Hanfleckerlis and hemp oils with natural CBD content. In order to guarantee a high quality standard for dog treats, nacani relies on 100 percent food quality of all raw materials, monoprotein recipes and avoids dyes, flavors and preservatives. In addition, nacani’s products are cereal-free and gluten-free – a topic that is close to the heart of many dog owners due to increasingly frequent grain allergies. nacani serves the veganism trend with a specially developed vegan variety of hemp snacks with ripe bananas and healthy coconut.


Dr. Clauder, manufacturer of pet food, follows another trend in its new hypoallergenic dry food “Wildlife Insekt” for dogs, using insects as an alternative and also low-carbon protein source. The natural protein is easily digestible and has plenty of unsaturated fatty acids of the type Omega-3 and Omega-6. Since it is hypoallergenic and has very little allergy potential, it can be particularly helpful in dogs that are allergic to proteins from beef or chicken or gluten.



Numerous manufacturers of pet food are well represented at TIERisch with their product highlights and innovations




Digitalization is also progressing in the pet sector


In many areas of society, the topic of digitization has picked up speed in the wake of the corona pandemic, this also applies to the pet industry. An example of this is edogs, a project of ehorses GmbH & Co. KG: Because the team takes care of a serious placement and the safe purchase of dogs online. The edogs Academy, the edogs surprise box and the edogs Advent calendar complement the diverse portfolio that the edogs team will present well for the first time this year at TIERisch.


Novafon, among others, is good to find this year at TIERisch. Provider of sound wave devices for dogs and cats. The local vibration therapy, which acts through the hearing sound, serves to activate, relax and regenerate the muscles as well as to relieve pain in the four-legged friends. It penetrates about six centimeters deep into the tissue, which reaches low-lying structures and regulates muscle tone and stimulates blood circulation. The muscles are thus better supplied with oxygen and metabolic processes are initiated.

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