【DE】Successful double: belektro and SmartHK make the industries fit for the energy transition

More than 14,000 industry representatives from the electrical and SHK industries informed themselves about current developments at the trade fairs.


More than 14,000 industry representatives were from the 8th to the 10th. November at Messe Berlin. These are more participants than at the last event in 2018. The focus of the trade fairs belektro and SmartHK were on many current topics related to the energy transition and climate protection. These include intelligent building technology, efficient energy management, renewable energies, smart lighting solutions and much more. More than 220 exhibitors showed their products and services, including many innovations for the implementation of the energy transition. The combination of the two trade fairs for the electrical and SHK industry of the capital region was well received by the trade audience: Nine out of ten participants were (very) satisfied with their visit according to the visitor survey. Just as many stated that they recommend a visit.


Karel Heijs, business unit manager of the organizer Messe Berlin: “The atmosphere in the halls was euphoric. The new hall concept has met with great approval from exhibitors and audiences. Even more important, however, is the high approval of belektro as a trade fair for electrical engineering, electronics and lighting with the SmartHK as a new trade fair for intelligent building technology with a focus on the SHK sector.” Heijs emphasized: “With the strategic cooperation, we are taking a new path. We map what has been happening in practice for a long time: close cooperation and exchange between trades. The three days of the event have shown us that this strategy also works excellently in its implementation. We will continue on this path.”


This development is also viewed positively in industry. Philipp Dehn, Chairman of the Association for Electrical Installation Systems at the ZVEI: “We are pleased about the great interest of the visitors who have come to the belektro and SmartHK. The topics of the event provide the answers to the current challenges of our time. In particular, the expansion to include the SmartHK has enriched belektro. In view of the political framework conditions, it is the right way to expand the scope of the event and to make belektro interesting for our partners in the SHK trade, solar engineers and other crafts. The belektro felt like a good regional fair. Just as if we had never had the pandemic-related burdens. The exhibitors were very satisfied, good mood, good contacts and the pleasure of being able to hold trade fairs again.”


This positive evaluation of the industry is also shared by the trade associations and wholesalers.


Carsten Joschko, Chairman E|HANDWERKE Berlin/ Brandenburg:

The expansion of renewable energies and the increase in energy efficiency are central to the success of the energy transition. This goal cannot be achieved without the craft. The energy transition needs the craft. And we as trades only master this task together. With the cooperation between belektro and SmartHK, we create a central platform for joint exchange. This year’s trade fairs have shown that the need for discussion is there and the exchange is in full swing.”


Andreas Schuh, Obermeister Guild SHK Berlin and Norbert Band, Landesinnungsmeister Fachverband SHK Land Brandenburg:

“In the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, we wanted to create a new platform for the SHK industry to think energy-efficient building technology in a networked way. It is the trade dialogue that, in our view, is a decisive factor for the success of the energy transition in the growth areas of sanitary, heating and air conditioning. In our opinion, the interaction of SHK and Elektro with two coordinated simultaneous trade fairs has succeeded. We have enabled our members with our market partners to make contacts and exchanges in order to embark on the path of digital transformation. We are convinced that there is forward-looking potential in this trade fair concept.”


Mario Richter, Chairman of the Eastern State Group in the VEG – Federal Association of Electrical Wholesale:

“Full halls, good conversations. As a wholesaler, we are very satisfied with the course of belektro and SmartHK and are already looking forward to the next event 2024.



Great interest in the versatile supporting program of belektro and SmartHK.

photo: belektro.de




Project manager Annick Horter is pleased about the strong appearance of belektro and SmartHK.

photo: belektro.de




In specialist forums such as LICHT-DIALOG and Architektenforum, the focus was on sustainability and digitization.

photo: belektro.de




From heat pumps to securing skilled workers to fuel cells: In the SmartHK forum, the important topics of the SHK industry were given a stage.  photo: belektro.de



Exhibitor statements belektro & SmartHK


“We are very satisfied. The customer response is very, very positive on all days. We can present our products and our philosophies very well.”

Wolfgang Ebeling, Regional Manager Sales, ABB


“We have a good re-start of the belektro behind us. We were able to reheat very good, high-quality contacts, and also make new contacts. This has encouraged us to continue to adhere to the regional trade fair concept.”

Oliver Born, Head of Planning and Association Marketing Area DACH, DEHN SE


“Our stand was very well attended. It is already easy to see from afar, so that the customers have found us good. We are mainly here to inform about our products and reach many important customers.”

Olaf Knobel, Regional Sales Manager Germany East, Eltako


“We had a lot of contacts at belektro and are very satisfied.”

Uwe-Karsten Müller, Sales Field Service, GGK


“The number of visitors to the stand exceeded our expectations. The combination of SmartHK and belektro is a great enrichment, because the topics merge and merge. There are many overlaps in terms of visitor flows.”

Lars Schilling, Regional Manager East, Grohe


“It was a very successful trade fair for us. On the first day we had 500 contacts, on the second 1000 contacts. It was very important for us to join forces with the customer, especially due to the supply bottlenecks. Fortunately, customers understand this. We’ll be back for sure.”

Christian Thurow, Sales Team Leader Berlin, Hager


After four years, it was a great pleasure for us that we could all meet here again. The electrical industry is like a big family. Many have known each other for a very long time. We had a lot of customers at the stand that we had not seen for a long time, but also new customers. We are very satisfied.”

Mirko Gries, Regional Sales Manager East, Jung


“For me, belektro was the most beautiful trade fair in ten years. We had a great audience from the beginning and are totally satisfied.”

Winfried Mader, authorized signatory, sales manager, sales region East, OBO Bettermann


“The belektro was a complete success for us because of the high number of visitors and good conversations.”

Melissa Pfister, sales office, PRACHT


“Our customers came regularly, so we had good contacts. Running customers were a little missing, otherwise things went well for us.”

Jörg Buttgereit, Head of Regional Sales, East Region / Authorized Representative, remeha


“For us, the focus was on heat pump technology. The response was very promising. The installation companies came to the fair with a lot of curiosity. We are very satisfied to be able to maintain the exchange again at a trade fair.”

Christoph Müller, Area Sales Manager Berlin/ Magdeburg, REMKO


“We were cautiously optimistic about how the fair will be accepted and what the number of visitors is. Due to the experience with Light & Building, we had hoped for a good response and were anything but disappointed. We have experienced very successful days here, had a very high and high-quality influx. We have found that this absolutely has to be repeated in two years, then certainly with even more products from Schneider Electric.”

Stefan Grund, Senior Key Account Manager, Schneider Electric


“It’s a start that encourages. It is nice that the fair is taking place and we hope that it can continue in two years.”


Detlev Weise, Area Sales Manager Heating Berlin, Wolf

The fair is a great success for us. It’s great when you’re back on site and can meet customers live at the fair.”

Tilo Meier, Head of Sales Center Berlin, zumtobel group



About the belektro

The trade fair for electrical engineering, electronics and lighting has been taking place since 1984. The organizer of belektro is Messe Berlin, ideal and professional carrier Elektro-Innung Berlin. Other sponsors, sponsoring associations and institutions are the ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V., the Landesgruppe Berlin-Brandenburg of the Bundesverband des Elektro-Großhandel (VEG) e.V., the Bezirksgruppe Berlin-Brandenburg of the LiTG – Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft e.V., the LIV Elektrohandwerke Berlin / Brandenburg and Stromnetz Berlin GmbH. www.belektro.de



About SmartHK

The SmartHK trade fair will take place from the 8th to the 10th. November 2022 at the same time as belektro at the Berlin exhibition center. SmartHK shows energy-efficient, intelligent building technology in the growth areas of sanitary, heating and air conditioning. The trade fair celebrates its premiere in 2022 and is organized by the guild SHK Berlin, the trade association SHK Land Brandenburg together with Messe Berlin. Further information at www.smarthk.de.


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