【DE】Horse & Hunting: The whole world of horses

Hanover – new products, trends, live demonstrations, concentrated expertise as well as show and sport up to the heavy class – after the horse & hunting had to pause for two years due to the pandemic, the fair will start again this year.


The horse area of the popular fair is primarily aimed at recreational riders, horse fans, stable owners, breeders and trainers. Numerous exhibitors present their offer in 5 exhibition halls, in addition to the large Horse & Hunting Arena as a venue for exciting tournament sports, fast-paced cups as well as the “Night of Horses” and the Horse Children’s Pony Show “MiMaMo”.

The areas of horse health, husbandry, feeding, training, transport, pasture care, horse health and company management can be found in Hall 19/20, which is therefore the perfect point of contact when it comes to capital goods. Here visitors will find stable and feeding systems, horse transporters, fence systems and much more.


In addition, visitors can acquire concentrated expertise here. Among other things, in the CAVALLO ring. It is primarily about horse-friendly training. Renowned speakers give insights into their training methods, including from the areas of horsemanship, equikinetic, western dressage and rhythm games. Highlights of the hall also include the Horse & Hunting EquiVITAL Forum, which answers questions about well-being and health for horses and riders.


Also present is the renowned veterinarian Dr. Helmut Ende. At the end, it has been busy for three decades with the help of the freeze-drying process to make horse body parts attractive and durable, which make mistakes in keeping, feeding and handling horses visible to the interested audience.


Also to be found in halls 19/20 is the hoof village – according to the old wisdom “No horse without a hoof”, everything revolves around the mobility of the horse. The program includes daily demonstrations and show forging.


Not only is the information and entertainment program unique on Pferd & Jagd, the product range of exhibitors is also unparalleled. Riders will find everything you need for riding and working with the horse in Halls 22 and 23: bridles, candars, lunging straps, accessories, straps, saddle pads, bandages, gaiters, halters, knitwear, safety vests, riding helmets, boots, gloves, pads and straps, stirrups


Hall 24 is home to the country, a theme world for the beautiful things of equestrian sports. Here visitors will find high-quality country-style clothing, luxury saddles and fine accessories. Also represented in the country is the equestrian sports association Hannover (PSV), which informs about the versatile possibilities of equestrian sports. In the Country theme world, visitors will also find a variety of restaurateurs who spoil visitors with national and international specialties.


The Horse & Hunting is also the venue for first-class tournament sports and fast-paced cups in the large Horse & Hunting Arena. They have been an important component for years that makes the fair so successful. Here the visitor can experience equestrian sports up close in competition. Among other things, the Hanover Equestrian Sports Association shows the range of services of the offspring in various equestrian disciplines in an impressive cross-section.


The absolute trade fair highlights also include the shows of horse & hunting this year: The evening gala night of horses on the 9th and 10th. December, with its special horses and show pictures, is one of the most beautiful horse galas in Europe and magically attracted thousands of fans in the past.


Under the motto amazement, laughter, dreaming is for the 10th. The popular family show MiMaMo on the 10th. And 11. December. Young talents, newcomers and stars of tomorrow show great show pictures and provide a colorful family show for a lot of surprises from the big pony and horse world!


The horse and hunting from the 8th to the 11th December 2022 – THE industry highlight at the end of the year.

All times, all prices and important information can be found at www.pferdundjagd.com

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