【DE】DLG Agri Influencer Award 2022: Winner selected

New media award of the DLG – award winner and winner in the categories “Best Influencer”, “Best Blogger”, “Best Newcomer” – Award ceremony as part of the Young Farmers Day at EuroTier 2022 in Hanover


(DLG). The DLG (German Agricultural Society) selected the three winners of the new social media prize “DLG Agri Influencer Award” as part of the Young Farmers Day at EuroTier. Annemarie Paulsen became “Best Newcomer 2022.” The title “Best Blogger 2022” goes to Amos Venema. Thomas Andresen can call himself “Best Influencer 2022.” The award ceremony took place on the 17th. November at the Young Farmers Party, the conclusion of Young Farmers Day, at EuroTier 2022. The award is intended to honor interesting and high-quality agricultural blogs and profiles on social media and to be presented to a wider public. “With this award, we wanted to honor the work of practitioners on social media who want to improve the public perception of agriculture and do all this voluntarily in addition to their actual work on the farms,” said jury chairman Heike Zeller from aHEU.bayern.


DLG Agri Influencer Award: Winner 2022


Best Newcomer 2022: Annemarie Paulsen



Annemarie Paulsen inspires her followers with funny videos directly from her everyday farm life in the Uckermark. With her comedic talent, she leaves the question in all agricultural minds: “How does she know how it is with us?”


Jury statement


Annemarie Paulsen is the Till Eulenspiegel of the Agri Influencer and makes everyone laugh with her funny videos. She slips into different characters such as “Bauer Helmut” or different milker types in front of the camera, always remains authentic and exaggerates with pleasure clichés and everyday situations that many know from their own farm or from the village. In this way, she creates a sense of community and smiling pride in country life. She wants to inspire people for agriculture and arouse interest, because humor lowers the inhibition threshold to ask questions and causes a different view. The jury was impressed by Paulsen’s comedic talent, her good feeling for timing and punchlines as well as the solid technical editing of her videos. She interacts a lot with her community – be it in creative, elaborate hands-on actions as well as through constant reactions to comments. She takes up current (social media) trends, gives them an agricultural trick and runs her account with consistency and continuity. Annemarie Paulsen started with “biohof_paulsen” on Instagram in May 2022 and already gathers 7,500 followers on her profile in November 2022. The jury is curious to see where the journey will go.




Best Blogger 2022: Amos Venema

www.mykuhtube.de/amos-from-east Frisia



From East Frisia, Amos Venema is online on MyKuhTube and on the road wherever it comes to explaining dairy farming and also representing the perspective of agriculture as a whole. And always Nordic, prudent and easy to understand.


Jury statement


Amos Venema is a very high-profile farmer. He is involved in various media for a better knowledge of work in agriculture as well as an awareness and understanding of life in agriculture. With his prudent way of reaching the non-agricultural audience, he also succeeds in reaching the non-agricultural audience. As a blogger on MyKuhTube, he explains his dairy industry and life in the countryside in over 250 films very vividly and comprehensibly. In addition, he is active on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok and reaches about 2 million people per month on these channels. He writes for trade magazines and is also invited by radio, television and print media for reports and reports.


The jury was impressed by the comprehensive, persistent and friendly work of Venema and its radiance beyond agriculture. He looks and goes outside the box and does not shy away from the argumentative and emotional commitment.



Best Influencer 2022: Thomas Andresen




Thomas Andresen from the far north is a striking figure not only because of his herd of buffaloes. He explains agriculture directly into the camera, without much use of technology. He remains curious about other perspectives and always new social media channels.


Jury statement


Thomas Andresen is one of the most striking agri influencers in Germany. He usually expresses himself in the form of videos in which he himself speaks directly into the camera and explains certain aspects of his economy at the dairy farm and buffalo farm or comments on current socio-political topics. He wants to show the reasons for his actions and his search for alternatives to the conventional economy. Originally, he had addressed a non-agricultural audience to refute prejudice. But he quickly realized that he was just inspiring professional colleagues by questioning his own work and his passion for agriculture. He is in contact with different areas of agricultural discussion, whether ecological or conventional, farmers’ association or land creates connection. The jury emphasized Andresen’s natural talent, who grabs, expands and keeps his followers on the shelf, even without the more complex use of social media tools. His contentiousness and openness to other perspectives and various social media platforms distinguishes him and also becomes visible in the interaction on his profiles.


The Northern Lights Andresen started its social media activities on Facebook as the protagonist in the ZDF series “The Buffalo Ranch”, then expanded his Instagram account (November 2022: 50,100 followers) and is now active on Tiktok (November 2022: 136,100 followers).


To the competition


With the awards in the three categories, social media profiles or Blogs that are particularly committed to public relations in agriculture. The criteria include Quality of content, creativity of the appearance, topic setting, implementation of the topics in words and pictures, clarification of the diversity of agriculture, balance of content, interaction with the community.


An independent, internationally composed jury of recognized media makers and experts convened by the DLG first determined the shortlist, from which the winners in the three categories were then selected. In particular, the jury was enthusiastic about the variety of topics and the quality of the submitted profiles, all of which are carried out on the farms in addition to agricultural work.


Further information on the shortlist: www.dlg.org/aia22


The “DLG Agri Influencer Award” awarded for the first time in 2022 will be awarded every year in the future. Next year, the international competition will take place within the framework of Agritechnica, which will take place from 12th to 18th. November 2023.




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