【DE】 Modellbau Friedrichshafen: the mega model building weekend is ready to go!

The fascination of Modellbau Friedrichshafen with the International Model Railway Exhibition and the Real Steam Indoor Meeting, from the 4th to the 6th November 2022


Europe’s most popular and beautiful model making event, the fascination of model making, inspires again this year from 04.-06. November 2022 in Friedrichshafen all generations, including international model railway exhibition and real steam hall meeting. For three days, unusual shows, numerous highlights, great new products, cinematic demonstrations, a lot of indoor & outdoor action as well as great hands-on activities are on the program.


Being there live means: away from digital worlds on the screen, purely into real miniature action on land, in the water and in the air. This year, Europe’s largest model railway event, the International Model Railway Exhibition, the cult event Real Steam Indoor Meeting and the fascination of model making will take place together for the first time. This is a special experience for the whole family, because all three events are included: 1 ticket – 3 events that invite you to marvel, look and shop! And what is particularly important: Christmas is coming soon and so Christmas gifts for friends and family can already be purchased. After all, the fascination of model making is an inspiring, diverse fund for all areas of model making, which not only inspires the children, but also has something in store for all generations. What awaits visitors to the model building event in Friedrichshafen to participate can be read on the website https://www.faszination-modellbau.de/besucherprogramm/ and here in excerpts:


Premiere of the International Model Railway Exhibition in Friedrichshafen


For the premiere of the International Model Railway Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, the most classic of all model building divisions shows model railways of all gauges as well as a large selection of innovative and technical accessories in two large exhibition halls. At the top brands in the industry, such as Märklin/LGB/Trix, Rocco/Fleischmann, Piko, Hornby, ESU, Noch, Tillig, BEMO, Faller, Herpa, Viessmann/Kibri/Vollmer and Brawa as well as at the stands of the specialized small series manufacturers, the event audience receives professional advice and answers to all questions about the rolling material. Up-to-date information on innovations and developments presented by experts can be found throughout the fair in the Modellbahn Forum.


The bright children’s eyes are also classic when it comes to model railways. That’s why numerous hands-on activities are offered especially for them. The market leader Märklin invites you to try out his entry-level series My World and Start up on his large playing area. The child-friendly locomotives and cars are easy to handle, offer great joy of playing from the first moment and promote creativity, motor skills and logical thinking. These skills can also be used by the BDEF at the Junior College Europe. At seven stations, children and young people are introduced to independent construction and tinkering with model railways by real professionals and can take home the specially crafted small diorama. A professional from the first hour is also cult presenter Hagen von Ortloff, who of course on the Int. Model railway exhibition with a model railway system is included and gives its fans autographs.


Iconic steam atmosphere for railway fans


Steam, smoke and smoke blow rail passengers around the noses in the two halls of the iconic real steam hall meeting. Steam action of the extra class takes place here with the world’s largest 5 inch and 7 1⁄4 inch track system of more than 4 km track length. And the best thing is: on the iconic steam roses, small railway fans and railway nostalgics can make their rounds together with the participants. A funny feast for the eyes for everyone is also the show driving of locomotives and street steam engines with their suitably dressed drivers. This year, even an original steam tractor from 1924 is also involved. In addition, many consistently functional steam models on miniature rails, the pedestals and the large water basin impressively show what they are technically made of.


Model flight show of superlatives: the FMT “Stars of the Year”


Pure entertainment for the eventful audience shows the FMT airshow “Stars of the Year” unique every year at the fascination of model making. Award-winning pilots present their phenomenal flying skills and daring air maneuvers against the magnificent backdrop of Lake Constance Airport. Included is e.g. Gernot Bruckmann, who is a true all-rounder in model aviation and has made a name for himself with numerous titles in different classes worldwide, as well as the Red Bull Aerobatic team famous for his precise aerobatic flights. The German national teams of the competition classes hand-start sailing models, remote-controlled thermal sailing models and electric thermal sailing are also back at the start. Speed records are set, the most fearless ground sewing acrobatics are shown, masterful sky stunts are flown to cool beats and heli freestyles cheer up big and small flight enthusiasts. Simply gigantic, what the FMT community with its top network together with the team of the fascination of model making in Friedrichshafen is doing!


The FMT indoor air show: Here the imagination gets wings


Audience magnet and creativity forge is the FMT indoor action for RC electric flight models in the Foyer West of Messe Friedrichshafen. Here, the most creative minds of the indoor flying scene show what is possible. In the approximately 30×30 m airfield, they present ludicrous shows with sophisticated, funny flying objects. This year, the repertoire ranges from Fliwatüüt known from the children’s book, to Luke the locomotive driver, to ultralight helis and feather-light hall flight models. You want to take off right away. And if you want that, you can of course also do so on the fascination of model making. Young and old, beginners as well as professionals can test their aviation suitability at the stand of the German Model Pilots Association on the flight simulator and realistically control many different flight models. Or control a drone through a course in droneball with a remote control. When building a throw glider, kids learn about craft skills and building a simple aircraft.


Heavy HighLIGHT: Night ride on the truck course


“Light off, headlights on!” it says on Friday and Saturday from 4:30 p.m. in the truck hall A4 of Messe Friedrichshafen. Night driving is the order of the day, the extensive lighting systems of the commercial vehicle models really come into their own and amazement is inevitable for the spectators. Street trucks on the over 600 square meters of truck course show their lighting functions, construction machines in 1:12 format warn with all-round lights, the fire brigade races with blue light, in the winter landscape snow groomers illuminate the slopes to work, military vehicles are on the road in bumpy terrain with spotlights and show trucks inspire with their lighting effects. In the truest sense of the word, a highLIGHT! But even with full lighting, something is offered here, such as the tractor course, on which the RC driving license can be obtained with remote-controlled models or simply smooth the ground with the bulldozer. In the truck trial, miniature trucks face the difficult off-road course. “Whiteout” is the name of the new program on the snow groomer landscape. Excitement, action and cool music make the show a blast again with live moderation.

Sparkling water action on the fascination of model making


Ahoy in hall A5! Water action on the 400 sqm indoor pool and on the Messesee will once again captivate the spectators. There will be jet ski, surfer and sailboat races as well as sea rescue exercises. In addition to various show highlights and performances, there is of course still enough time for free driving, which is open to all visitors. Speaking of young sailors – again this year, future ship model makers can earn the extremely popular captain’s patent directly on site at the exhibition center basin when riding children. Ambitious shipbuilders can build their own ship model at the “Take for Kids”. Whether it is suitable for sea is shown by the test run in the small pool or at home in the bathtub.


Likeable guys, hot tires and a lot of speed

The R2 Builders Club is always particularly popular with kids and families, because the droid R2-D2, known from film and television, is simply cute and a super likeable guy. Would you like a selfie? He and his robot dummies are available for pictures around the clock. But the small robot also contains many different manufacturing processes, electronics and different materials. You can find out which these are and how to apply them from the builders personally directly at the stand.


The racing drones with their small, powerful electric drives also have sophisticated technology and a lot of speed. With a buzzing sound, they shoot through the obstacle-rich, treacherous course to get a place on the podium at the Drone Championship Final.


For the fourth time, the Devil Drift Crew is competing with their pointed models at the largest model building event in Europe. They don’t drive against each other, but in a team to create a fascinating show for the audience. In contrast to the German Open Car Masters. Here, there is a hard fight for every millimeter on the racetrack, because this is about winning one of the seven racing classes. RC action to try out yourself is available at the Race of Champions and at the booth of Carrera Revell. On the track peppered with obstacles, the RC car must be skillfully controlled or you simply test cool stunt functions. In addition, Carrera fans can have various vehicles with hot tires driven on a Carrera racetrack.


If you have everything else and what highlights Faszination Modellbau has in store for the international model building community, you can simply check the social media channels of Faszination Modellbau:

Fascination with model making

Fascination with model making

Int. Model railway exhibition

Int. Model railway exhibition

Real steam indoor meeting

Fascination with model making


All information about the 20th FASZINATION MODELLBAU, leading international trade fair for model railways and model making, and for the 38th INTERNATIONAL MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION for model railways and accessories, can be found at www.faszination-modellbau.de and www.ima-friedrichshafen.de.

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