【DE】Heim+Handwerk: Sleeping in harmony with nature

Prayed on a horsehair mattress, the scent of pine wood in your nose and a look into your own starry sky before your eyes close: Who wouldn’t like to fall to sleep like that? Heim+Handwerk at the Munich exhibition center shows the best ideas for a restful night from 30.11. to 04.12.2022.




The bedroom should be a place where we can relax and feel safe. But how is such a place created? A tour of the exhibition halls of Heim+Handwerk provides answers. Here, the experts exhibit their highest quality products and the latest innovations around the topic of sleep. Of course, it depends on the right bed – but the color design, the materials and the light also play a decisive role in creating a cozy bedroom.




Creating the right atmosphere


The bedroom is usually a place for unexcited design. Wallpaper can still be used to set accents: Exhibitor WALLSTOXX (A5.503) has those with clouds or dreamy landscapes that are eye-catching but bring peace to the room. Own photographs can also be realized. The company WEMA (B6.311) has developed an innovative liquid wallpaper that is mixed from various textile and natural fibers. It looks breathable and heat-insulating, and it is available with integrated LED lights: This is how it falls asleep with a view of its own starry sky.


Proper lighting plays a major role in the bedroom. Is it bright enough in the closet? Do you need an indirect light source for more comfort? Expert SiglLICHT (A6,700) not only sells modern, minimalist luminaires, but also provides comprehensive advice on the respective situation.


In Hall A5 there are also carpenters who help to find individual solutions: cabinets for niches, for example, or adapted room dividers. And of course, carpets that make the transition from bed to day comfortable should not be missing.




Pine, horsehair, eider down: Sleep better in natural materials


The experts specialize in creating the best conditions for a restful night. For example, there are the environmental pioneers of ANREI (A5.330) with their beds made of sustainable wood, treated with vegetable oils. Good for humans – good for the environment. Like their colleagues from ZIRBELZAUBER (A6.720) or AlpenRelax (A5.380), they use, among other things, the wood of the pine: It not only smells pleasant, it should also ensure a better sleep. Natur-Betten Tegernsee (A5.560) ensure a natural sleeping experience with their complete solutions with interior design of the bedroom over the bed to the mattress. All furniture is made by hand from selected raw materials in a resource-oriented manner.


Moosburger Roßhaar-Manufactur (A5.650) specialized in the use of horsehair many generations ago. They make allergy-friendly mattresses that last a lifetime. The company Mühldorfer (A5.452) fills its pillows and blankets with soft down. Also with the “queen” of down: The eider duck cushions its nests with fine chest fluff, which maintains the temperature of the eggs. And this down, which was later collected, becomes a high-quality, breathable cushion filling.




The perfect bed, tailored to individual needs


But how to find out whether water or box spring bed, whether cold foam or natural latex mattress? In a lying simulator! Various pressure measurements are made here. schlafTEQ (A5.562), for example, or the Siesta bed studio (A5.260) help the customer to lie optimally.


A sleeping system with a highly flexible spring element distributes DELANA (A5.660), and Wenatex (A5.670) also relies on a sleeping system that improves all night rest factors tailored to the customer from comfort to climate. This way, everyone gets exactly the lying position that is healthiest and most comfortable for them.




A nice sleep for everyone


Once your own bedroom has become a place of well-being, it is important to think about the others. To guests, for example. For them, Swiss Plus (A5.246) has beautiful design sofa beds. And the offspring? Among other things, it is worth taking a look at “Ticia” for the children, designed by Complojer for kids (A5.414) from South Tyrol. “Ticia” is a stylish bed system that grows vibably from the cradle to adolescence.




Information about the fair


Heim+Handwerk is open daily from 30.11. to 04.12.2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The exhibition halls can be reached via the east entrance. Tickets cost 15 euros (or 9 euros with discount for e.g. pupils, students and pensioners) and are available online: www.heim-handwerk.de/tickets.


Children up to and including 12 years of age have free admission. Discounted afternoon tickets are available from 3 p.m. for 7 euros.




7 tips for designing a cozy bedroom can also be found in the Heim+Handwerk Blog: www.heim-handwerk.de/blog/schlafzimmer-einrichten/



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