【DE】Tenth WindEnergy trend:index: Mood in the wind industry in Germany continues to be record-breakingly good

In the now tenth edition of WEtix, the positive assessments of the last half of the year for Germany, Europe, North America and Asia are preserved. Nevertheless, a slight decline can be heard almost everywhere. The long-lasting, steep rise in mood in Germany has now come to hold for three years – but the level is still record-breakingly high compared to the entire period of the WEtix. While the results indicate widespread concerns in the wind industry about disrupted supply chains and a lack of educational offers, the participants disagree on the effects of the Ukraine war. The savings potential through new technologies is perceived more positively for the first time.


These are the results of the new WindEnergy trend:index (WEtix), which has been published every six months since 2018. The publisher of the trend barometer is WindEnergy Hamburg, the world’s leading trade fair for wind energy onshore and offshore, in cooperation with wind:research, the leading market research institute for wind energy. As part of the current survey, more than 800 people gave their assessment of the developments in the global onshore and offshore wind industry. A total of over 10,000 experts have participated in WEtix since 2018. The survey covers all global onshore and offshore regions. The market regions were Germany, Europe (incl. EN), North America, Asia and the “rest of the world” – Africa, Australia and Central and South America.


Slight decline in mood in all regions, but still consistently positive assessment


Since the last edition of WEtix in the first half of 2022, very little has happened compared to the sometimes extreme changes of previous years. A very similar picture has emerged for all regions, periods and industries: the high and consistently positive level of the previous year lasted or decreased slightly. The steadily rising mood in Germany since the second half of 2019 came to a halt for the first time. As a result, it no longer quite reaches the record level of the last WEtix, but continues to be at a very high level and close to the other regions compared to the entire observation period. The other regions are also close to each other. As in the preliminary edition, all regions are convergence. The framework conditions or the mood on the markets in the middle or even upper positive range are assessed across the other.


Similar courses arise for almost all other regions: after several issues with increasing sentiment or at least consistently high ratings, this survey experienced a decline – sometimes marginally. Although the offshore industry is also rated more optimistically this time, the differences are shrinking.


High relevance of educational offers and worries due to disrupted supply chains


Although the wind industry continues to be viewed largely optimistically, there are also certain concerns of market participants. For the first time, the WEtix asked about the importance of training and further education for the wind industry. The results are clear: two thirds of respondents attribute great importance to it – the connection with the shortage of skilled workers becomes clear. The strength of the influence of disturbed or interrupted is also estimated at two thirds. This reflects the concerns of the experts about current geopolitical events – due to the corona pandemic. The effects of the Ukraine war were assessed astonishingly neutral in this WEtix. Just as many people assess the influences positively and negatively – this stands in clear contrast to the answers of the last issue, where a negative influence was expected.


Equally remarkable is the much smaller importance attributed to the production of green hydrogen in this issue. For the first time in two years, less than 50 percent of respondents were (significantly) shown that it will not be of great importance. The answers to the question of savings potential through new technologies were much more optimistic. After this question has been answered very consistently (and positively) in recent years, this question has now moved again: for both offshore and onshore, the potential was assessed even better, for the latter even significantly better.


Contact for questions about content, evaluation and methodology and wind:research:


Dirk Briese, Tel: +49 (0)421-43730-0, presse@windresearch.de


About wind:research:


The market research institute wind:research provides detailed approaches to strategy development for energy suppliers, project developers, operators, manufacturers of components and plants as well as for municipalities, states and the federal government with market studies and analyses as well as expert opinions up to M&A services for wind energy. In addition, it offers weekly clipping on a wide range of topics, for example hydrogen. Further information: www.windresearch.de


To the WEtix:


The WindEnergy trend:index is a sentiment barometer for the industry, which is created by WindEnergy Hamburg, the world’s leading trade fair for onshore and offshore wind energy, in cooperation with wind:research, the leading market research institute for wind energy. The survey focuses on the investigation of the potential in wind energy in the onshore and offshore sector.


To the survey:


Around 14% of participants only work in the offshore sector, while about 36% are predominantly active in the onshore sector. About 43% focus on both onshore and offshore.


40% of the people surveyed work in the field of operation and maintenance. In addition, around

37% in production, planning and project planning and about a fifth of installation. Within production – with well over 50% the most important sector – the focus is particularly on the construction of turbines and rotor blades.


About 67% of respondents work mainly in Germany, about 71% predominantly in Europe. About 35% are active in North America and Asia. In the rest of the world, 26% of respondents work.


More than a third of the participants work in management, corporate or operations management. The next places will be followed by people from the areas of sales, R&D and design as well as maintenance and repair



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