【DE】Highlights of Heim+Handwerk 2022

More than 600 exhibitors on the topics of living, furnishing and enjoying will come to Heim+Handwerk and FOOD & LIFE at the Munich exhibition center from 30.11. to 04.12.2022. 15 exciting trade fair participants are presented here.


Of course, every visitor to Heim+Handwerk will make his personal discovery at the fair and find his own favorite among the exhibitors in the five exhibition halls. Because while one raves about elegant tables, the other has finally discovered the perfect kitchenette. And another one is happy about a special lamp for the dining room. However, a visit to these exciting exhibitors is definitely worthwhile:


Artistic ceramics from the Munich Westend (A6.143)


The beautiful ceramics by Kunst Muck, for example, handmade by Lisa Muck, an artist from the Westend in Munich. There she sits in her workshop at the turntable, at her feet her dachshund Pezi, and shapes plates, bowls and cups made of dark gray stoneware clay. Later, she covers the ceramic stylishly and simple with turquoise, raspberry, black or white glazes. On request, it also manufactures order orders: for private individuals who want a certain color, or larger orders for gastronomy. Lisa Muck runs a small concept store near the workshop, where she sells her own ceramics and other small labels. And she gives pottery courses to pass on her love of clay and earthing work with this material.




Velvety seating landscapes – Bretz by Wohnfabrik (A5.110)


The traditional Rhine-Hesse brand Bretz, founded in 1895, creates sofas and seating landscapes that exude a touch of magic: softly upholstered, velvety and imaginative. They do not follow trends, but have their own style, and so they have also developed their very own look. Sun King meets One Thousand and One Nights – pompous and sensual, uniting distant worlds and security. Bretz also has armchairs, (couch) tables, beds and carpets in unusual designs in its range. Their signature pieces work as eye-catchers in a minimalist environment as well as as part of a maximalist-eclectic or oriental-inspired interior. True to Bretz’s motto: The main thing is that it makes you happy!


www.bretz.de, www.wohnfabrik.de/


Single hammer (A5.404)


Christoph Hammer, a trained carpenter, makes furniture that has three qualities: they look good, they are high-quality and sustainable – and they are comfortable. He only builds a chair in such a way that he finds it comfortable. Then friends and family test sitting for a long time. The shape is changed until everyone feels comfortable. This is the formula for success for his Hammer Objects, as well as his good sense of straightforward but special design. Hammer works mainly with wood from local forests, combined with fabric, metal and glass. This creates exciting chairs and chests of drawers, sofas and tables that last for generations and never become boring for the eye.




Design meets art in Haidhausen (A5.130)


In one of Munich’s most beautiful neighborhoods, you will find one of Munich’s most beautiful showrooms: Klün Living’s with the Loft 11 Gallery. Klün Living is the design part of the two: Niels Klün originally comes from the East Frisian island of Baltrum and manufactures individual solid wood tables made of oak, walnut or plane trees in Munich that combine nature with industrial design. Klün attaches importance to emphasizing the naturalness of the material – the character of a table is to be worked out. And it should be able to develop further: For example, only natural oils and waxes are used that do not preserve the actual state of the wood like a corset. Over the years, the wood changes: it darkens or becomes lighter. Small signs of use, cracks and scratches are added and sanded and filled again. A table from Klün Living also lives on in the home living room.




The Loft 11 Gallery has its origins in a loft overlooking Barcelona, where artists met and ideas were launched. Meanwhile, the gallery is represented internationally at well-known art fairs and its artists in many collections. She has set herself the task of presenting emerging, contemporary artists with surprising style. But also world-famous photographers, such as the legends Elliott Erwitt or Norman Parkinson and limited, signed photographs of world stars such as the Stones, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix can be found in the portfolio. Bright colors in internationally very sought-after painting, exciting perspectives, large-format pop art works or sculptures, filigree-Italian made of bronze to inflated, colored iridescent stainless steel – eye-catchers for the home or the art collection are guaranteed at the Loft 11 Gallery.




The Second Life of Trees (A6.330)


Bernhard Schmid is a freelance artist: He transforms trees into unique sculptures. The results are as different as the trees – he regards the work as a kind of dialogue between himself and the tree. Once he has shaped the tree, it grinds the surface, oils it, all in elaborate, often repeated work steps. Originally a trained carpenter, he also creates furniture sculptures from trees, where the dividing line between art and design blurs. He also accepts commissioned work: If, for example, a tree has to be felled in the garden with which experiences are associated, Bernhard Schmid can make him a special memento.




Wallpaper with starry sky (B6.311)


WEMA has developed a wallpaper that is not rigidly glued to the wall, but applied liquid. The liquid wallpaper is a natural product: The idea comes from Japan, where a liquefied wall covering made of pure silk and cotton was made 350 years ago. WEMA has over 100 designs in pastel, with bamboo or silk fibers or in metallic look in its range. The wallpaper has a soundproofing, crack-covering, antistatic and breathable, and it can be repaired. Thus, the ecological wall covering lasts about three times as long as other wallpapers. WEMA has the luminous liquid wallpaper brand new: LED lights are incorporated. As if by magic, a starry sky can suddenly light up on the wall or ceiling.wema-fluessigtapete.de/


Living in the smallest space (B5)


Tiny houses are a dream of people who want to live compact, independent and close to nature. But how much space is really in such a tiny house? And how are the almost square meters optimally divided? On the exhibition area of Orthodorn and Tiny Living, example houses can be viewed and walked.


The Tiny House “Rosenheim Deluxe” by Orthodorn (B5.268 / B5.1667 / B5.169), for example, offers freedom on 22 square meters – through double-glazed windows and an interior height of three meters, an open, light-flooded room with a view of nature is created. Inside and out, it is made of wood. Equipped with underfloor heating as standard, the Tiny House is habitable all year round. Walls, floor and roof are insulated with ecological sheep’s wool and the water pipes are laid frost-proof indoors. “Rosenheim deluxe” is very smartly thought out for a self-sufficient life – so even a photovoltaic system can be installed on the roof.




The Oldenburg experts from Winzig Wohnen (B5.264) have four types of Tiny Houses on offer: “Skadi”, the 22 square meter all-rounder with three sleeping places can be seen at Heim+Handwerk. “Frigg”, just as large, with spacious sleeping loft and extravagant roof, the slightly smaller “Freya” for two people and the space miracle “Njörd”, as Freya also 17 square meters in size, with maximum used space.




The Heart of the North (A5.320)


Three Hamburg manufacturers have joined forces in the Hansezimmer in hall A5. All work with the material wood and a clear design language, and so their products seamlessly combine to form a harmonious unit:


Smart design brings the little b to the home+craft. The hamburgers design furniture and living objects with strips made of solid oak, which makes the pieces all combinable with each other: The practically vibrating “gardero-b” and the small “bankle”, for example, which has integrated a storage space for shoes under the seat, which makes the shoes look as if they were floating. Or the bookcase, which also runs “floating” over the corner and the standing desk leaning against the wall like casually. The design pieces are timeless, simple and at the same time smart and unmistakable – for this, Das kleine b has received many awards in recent years.




Hafenholz gave new life in its beginnings in 2010 wood remains from the Port of Hamburg and centuries-old Dalben, to which ships once moored in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, in the form of design pieces. Hence the name that has remained, even if their materials are mostly new materials today. Their furniture lines are called Beluga, sperm whale and orca – tables and chairs, highboards and chests of drawers in a timeless design language somewhere between industrial and mid-century.




Woodmosphere has developed unique lamps: They form luminaires from tenths of a millimeter thin real wood veneer. Economical LEDs shine through the delicate wood and bathe the room in warm light. For this purpose, Woodmosphere uses the wood of the walnut, pear and olive tree, the wood of birch, oak, ash, maple and cherry. All have different colors and characteristics: Some are wildly grained, others more discreet, some have a marble effect, others have a rather wavy pattern, some are dark to reddish, others yellowish-light to silky shimmering. This is guaranteed to find a lamp that fits into the environment.www.woodmosphere.de


A piece of nature in the living room (A5.640)


The tables of Baumscheibenkontor are unique. They are, as the name suggests, from an entire tree slice: cross-sections result in side tables, longitudinal cuts, dining or washbasins. The company does not use tropical woods, but local oaks, poplars, ash trees, maple and walnut trees. Many of them come from regions in Europe where large temperature differences are not uncommon, whereby the trees grow slowly and thus develop a very high density, unique coloration and characteristic grain. Because every tree is different, no table is like the other. Customers choose their desired plate or have their ideas reserved for the next delivery. Of course, the Baumscheibenkontor also offers the right frames, for example in industrial style.




Working in the hammock (A6.412)


How does the home office become the most comfortable place possible? With a bar table, a well-upholstered swivel chair? MIRA ART would have another idea: How about a freely swinging hanging lounger in which a home office set is integrated? Yes, it’s meant to be just as brilliant as it sounds. Work out of an ergonomically optimized hammock. The dream swingers from MIRA ART are made of a soft organic cotton net that relieves the spine and joints. A favorite sitting or lying position can be easily found by changing the side woods. A side pocket for utensils is attached to one of these woods, a seat cushion serves as a shelf for notebook or tablet. Practical and incredibly cozy at the same time – that’s how the home office is fun!




The special salt in the soup (A6.410)


ROCK YOUR FOOD has exactly this in mind: rocking the food, making every meal special. Two sisters from the Upper Bavarian Five Lakes Land have created special salt mixtures, inspired by their travels, which give every dish momentum. The basis is a fine rock salt from northern Germany. It is mixed with chili, flowers, apricot or even berries in organic quality. Sounds unconventional, tastes fantastic. The salt mixtures are packaged in an environmentally friendly way in colorful design cardboard boxes, coated inside with pure parchment paper.




Further highlights of FOOD & LIFE can be found at:






Information about the fair


Heim+Handwerk is open daily from 30.11. to 04.12.2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The exhibition halls can be reached via the east entrance. Tickets cost 15 euros (or 9 euros with discount for e.g. pupils, students and pensioners) and are available online: www.heim-handwerk.de/tickets. Children up to and including 12 years of age have free admission. Discounted afternoon tickets are available from 3 p.m. for 7 euros.



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